TV host Vladimir Pozner appealed to President of Russia Vladimir Putin and Patriarch Kirill with a request to clarify the situation that occurred in the country after the adoption of the law on insulting the feelings of believers. The reason for this was the sentencehanded down recently to a blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky who was sentenced to 3.5 years probation.

In the text of the sentence imposed by the court, said that the blogger had insulted the feelings of believers “through the denial of the existence of God, denial of existence of the founder of Christianity and Islam, Jesus Christ and Muhammad” (quoted by Posner).

Posner commented on the sentence at the end of his transmission on the First channel, aired Monday, may 15. He noted that when the law on insulting the feelings of believers was accepted, “many warned that it will be used to prosecute enemies of the Church”, and it did.

He further reminded that he is an atheist and, therefore, believes that there is no God. “It’s not that I run around and shout “no, no” from morning till evening, but do not hide their beliefs,” he said.

In this regard, Posner asked whether it violates your views of the criminal code of the Russian Federation or offends the religious feelings of the Patriarch?

“Maybe the President of the constitutional court will tell me if I have the right to think what I think and Express what I Express? Maybe the President will bring clarity, not expecting me in court?” asks TV presenter whose speech published on his website.

Posner asked Putin and the Patriarch to explain whether to bring him to trial for atheism 16.05.2017

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