TV presenter Vladimir Pozner has addressed an open letter to the organisers of TEFI with a request to change the name of the award and to refuse use when awarding figurines by Ernst Neizvestny. His request the first President of the Russian television Academy justified the undemocratic nature of the current voting procedure for the award.

He recalled that in 1994, when enthusiasts asked the sculptor to create a suitable prize for taffy, he was asked to ensure that the selection of the finalists and winners will be democratic, and Posner will make every effort to ensure that, if the situation changes, to halt the delivery of the statues.

Posner also drew attention to the fact that in 2013 was formed the Industrial Committee, which was to hold the competition TEFI, replacing the Academy. “This competition in its current form, differs from the former in principle. First, in the IR consists of only seven founders – exactly half of what it was in the Academy. Second, the drastically reduced number of professional categories, behind left a number of professions, without which it is simply no television. Thirdly – and most importantly – choose the finalists and winners are not members of the Russian television Academy, and appointed by management IK “the jury”, – said in an open letter.

In addition, like the anchor, between the IR and the ART was drawn up, establishing the Foundation of ART had to be part of the founders of the Industrial Committee, with the allocation of funds for the Fund, in exchange for a temporary assignment of rights to use the brand name “taffy”, “national television award “TEFI” and the statuette of an Unknown. None of this was not fulfilled.

“Dear members of the Industrial Committee, in memory of Ernst Neizvestny discard the statues of Orpheus and make up your own prize. Give up the name “taffy” asked Posner. He assured that he would not seek conflict, but “just in case” reminded that the statue of Orpheus and the name “taffy” is the property of the Academy.

Later, Vladimir Pozner said that he wrote the letter long before the ceremony, but I read wrong and unethical to publish it before the event. “The question is not who received the award, question the organization and structure of the taffy, which, in my opinion, lack of a democratic Foundation,” he said.

We will remind, ceremony of delivery TEFI held yesterday, October 3. The main event of last season, the jury named the stream prom “Scarlet sails” on the Fifth channel. And in the nomination “Educational program” received the award on flat Ground.

Journalist Vladimir Solovyov received the prize as the best interviewer of the year in the category “Information-analytical final program” project won the “News of the week” on “Russia-1″. Best leading information-analytical program of the final was Andrei Dobrov (“Dobrov in the air”), a leading information of the program – Dmitry Borisov (“Evening news”).

The first channel and “Russia-1″ became the leaders in number of projects, won a TEFI in the category “Evening Prime”, received seven “Orpheus”. An additional prize was awarded show “You’re super!”. The final of the Kremlin” (NTV). Given the victories in the “Daytime” and “Entertainment programs” the First channel and VGTRK received nine taffy. Second place was shared by REN-TV and TNT – four figurines. Three awards at the NTV and “TV Center”.

Note, the professional community drew attention to the large number of promoters among the awardees. So, the graduate of journalism faculty of the Moscow state University Dmitry Gudkov remindedthat when “the state awards lost all value, Kadyrov became the Hero of Russia”, the recognition of one’s peers mattered. “And this, too, is over,” he says.

“Looks and professional success for current yard. Look at this one here: get the piece that will be included in the ranks, you will kill any news Agency, but there, you never know, allowed to wear in public, not only colored socks, and pants. On the other hand, and what better science journalism, where every first –
the Minister charged with the dissertation? The better the culture, where someone who is not sitting, is the Trustee? The best policy, in the end, where the Parliament – the monster oblo, mischievously, poklonski and lay?” – says Gudkov.

Journalist Dmitry Shagiakhmetov said that the country remained “awards that are not shameful a decent man to accept.” “Everything that reaches to undermine the power of kings, turns to shit. From the mythological Midas – turned into gold. Putin is such “gold” that it is better to stay away. Then with poxolu will not be washed!” – he resents.

The author transfer about a flat Earth called the jury’s choice fair

Later leading TV “Military secret” and “the Most shocking hypothesis” Igor Prokopenko, who received the statuette for the transmission on flat Ground, publicly objected to Posner and assured that he got his reward is “true”.

“In his letter to me more hooked that Vladimir Putin offers to select the award title and the statuette. I believe that the national television award taffy should have a statue with the name taffy”, – quotes the words Prokopenko RBC.

He agreed that “the award is necessary to improve procedural issues”. “Any award, any festival is a priori subjective. I guess I always will be controversy, but will also have the opportunity to say that the choice was more democratic or less democratic. For example, I last year have not received a statuette, and I had every reason to believe that the procedure is not very democratic. This year I got a statue and I can tell you, Yes you, everything is fine and fair,” said the presenter.

Posner asked the organizers taffy, awarded the award to the author of the film about a flat Earth, to give up the name of the award 04.10.2017

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