The police of the Volgograd region conducts search of criminals who committed an armed attack on employees of a jewelry store. Stealing a few million rubles, the robbers exchanged fire with pursuing their guards. As a result, one police officer sustained a gunshot wound to the head. The time of shooting the car fixed by the Registrar, and the video was published.

The victim of the inspector of traffic police in the rank of Lieutenant, was taken Monday to the hospital of the city of Kamyshin. He was diagnosed with a gunshot wound to the soft tissues of the head, according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

“Fortunately, the injury was mild, the life and health of a police officer at doctors of fears does not cause” – said in a press release.

It is established that on June 18 around 14:00 three unknown men in camouflage uniforms and masks broke into a jewelry store “Golden lions”, located in Kamyshin. In the shopping pavilion in that time there were three sellers, the security guard and several customers. Two robbers immediately moved through the Windows and started putting bags in gold jewelry. Their accomplice, armed with a gun, at this time were held at gunpoint the staff and the customers lying on the floor, according to

Stealing valuables worth about 5 million rubles, the robbers fled. The guard with the gun ran behind the robbers, but to catch them but could not. All the Heist took a little over 30 seconds.

To the investigation and prosecution of the criminals immediately after the robbery to connect all the police. “With information, what car to move, the criminals, the bodies of internal Affairs declared the plan “Interception”, – noted in SK the Russian Federation.

One of the police squads managed to spot the suspects car Chevrolet Niva at the 13th kilometer of the route Kamyshin-Volgograd. The chase began.

With a view to apprehending the criminals, the police fired warning first, and then aimed shots at the wheels of a vehicle of the suspects, but the criminals returned fire, injuring one of the guards. Police stopped the pursuit and requested assistance.

On Monday wounded a 35-year employee of traffic police by helicopter sanaviatsii delivered in BSMP N25 Volgograd.


In the city of Kamyshin, aimed investigatory-operative group of regional management SK the Russian Federation in the part of investigators and the leadership of the first Department for investigation of particularly important cases, as well as experienced investigators-criminologists of the Ministry. On searches of criminals thrown 300 police and Regardie.

A criminal case was opened under article 317 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“the Encroachment on life of law enforcement officer”). Robbers faces a sentence of 20 years imprisonment.

Posted a VIDEO of the shooting of robbers and police near Volgograd 19.06.2017

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