One of the main protagonists in the story of the detention in Moscow, French musician Didier Marouani, charged on the part of Philip Kirkorov in extortion of 1 million Euro became the media-provocateurs “Vova” and “Lexus”.

The culprit of the joke began to call and write Marouani. But at some point I realized that it went too far and contacted the lawyer Kirkorov Alexander Dobrovinsky. The result of this was the statement on behalf of Philip Kirkorov to law enforcement about the extortion he’s got a million euros from Didier Marouani, according to MK.

“Now there is a tendency to blame everything on the culprit. But unfortunately, this time it’s true. It was me and Vova,” said Prancer “Lexus”, noting that he was “humanly” sorry Marouani, which he brought to the investigation.

“We didn’t expect it to go this far and familiar to us, the joke might result in a criminal case,” said Prancer.

He says the original goal was to throw Marouani idea about plagiarism Kirkorov and see his reaction.

He strongly opposed the term “extortion”, which is used Kirkorov, and his lawyers, emphasizing the application of article 163 of the criminal code “Extortion” (deadline: 15). According to him, it is not blackmail.

Lexus said that they “Vovan” suggested Marouani compensation of one million euros and that this amount arranged. “What happened next – it is their interpersonal relationships,” said Prancer.

Then Marouani wrote him a letter in which he agreed to reconciliation for this amount. The draw and would have to be completed. But the culprit of why it suffered those letters to the lawyer Kirkorov.

“I hope that’s all over the world, but if the case goes to court, which I highly doubt, I will act as witness. Tell the story from the beginning,” he said, Recalling that the idea of the draw initially was the idea to reconcile the parties in the case of plagiarism.

Kirkorov, according to him, they played, “it is for us the figure is not very interesting” “he is not going to touch”.

The correspondent of MK said “Lexus”, such actions, he plays “the baser feelings of the people.”

“Nothing bad from Marouani we didn’t want. That both sides have made”, – concluded the wag.

We will remind, after the arrest and communication with the police, Didier Marouani was released in a hotel, but it took the commitment to come back to guards on Wednesday evening. Marouani did not give any explanation, because I wanted to do it only in the presence of a representative of the Consulate – and he was in the office showed up.

Philip gave the police my statement. Today his lawyer Dobrovinsky is going to give additional explanations on the case.

Prankster-provocateur “Lexus” he suggested Marouani 1 million euros and for some reason took a correspondence Kirkorov: “We didn’t know what it would be like this” 30.11.2016

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