The Spanish government has asked the Israeli explanations in connection with presented to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev drone, which was delivered to Israel by a Spanish company Alpha Unmanned Systems SL, the newspaper El Pais.

In a note to the Embassy of Israel in Madrid, Spanish foreign Minister expressed “concern” about the violation of the law prohibiting re-export of such technology, especially to a country under EU sanctions. Claims have also been made personally to the political Director of the Israeli foreign Ministry Alon Ospice during his visit to Madrid.

Gift Israeli agriculture Minister URI Ariel was made on 10 November, when Medvedev visited the agricultural Institute of the Volcano. The Russian Prime Minister came to the delight of a small remote-controlled helicopter for agricultural monitoring, and the Israeli Minister decided to make him nice.

URI Ariel, seeing as Medvedev plays with Israeli drone, asked him if he wants a helicopter. The Prime Minister, holding a remote control, said Yes. Then Ariel turned to the Director General of the Ministry Shlomo Ben Eliyahu and convinced him to make a gift.

The problem is, writes the Spanish newspaper that the drone Sniper produced using technology that can be used both for agricultural and for defense purposes, Its re-export requires special permission of the Spanish government.

In the permission to sell two drones, which gave the Interagency Council on regulation of trade and defence in August 2014, States that the end user is a public body under the Ministry of agriculture of Israel. The Israeli Ministry has pledged not to re-export, not to sell or supply such equipment to another country.

For re-export of helicopters requires the consent of the Spanish authorities, a source told the newspaper, however, neither the manufacturer nor the Israeli government authorization is not requested. According to Spanish law, it can be regarded as smuggling of products of the defense or dual-use without permission and “misrepresentation of the relative nature of the end use of such products.”

The problem is compounded by the fact that Russia is under EU sanctions, and drones included in the list of technologies the transfer of which is possible only in exceptional cases, although Israel, these sanctions are not supported.

Executive Director of Alpha Unmanned Systems Eric Freeman confirmed that the company didn’t ask permission for export of the drone to Russia and signed with the Israeli Ministry contract not assumed its transmission. These helicopters are about 70 000 euros, but for Israel, the price was reduced to 50,000 (200,000 NIS).

Israel Institute gave a drone without OSes and remote, and the Russians have already demanded these parts

The helicopter Sniper was exported from Spain without cameras American production that was established for them in Israel. It is unknown whether drew this fact to the attention of Washington, who demanded last week by the Israeli authorities for clarification about this gift through diplomatic and government channels.

As the Israeli newspaper Haaretz , citing a source at the agricultural Institute, a model drone, which Medvedev received a gift that was given without an operating system and a remote control.

Apparently, the staff refused to transfer installed on the helicopter remote control equipment and infrared camera, which cost about 25 thousand dollars (about 100 thousand shekels). “The Russians have already asked these ‘Volcano’ part, and if they don’t get signed agricultural contracts with Israel can withdraw under threat”, – the newspaper writes.

In addition, the Israeli publication notes that the transfer of dual-use aircraft were to be approved for export to the Russian Federation Ministry of defense of Israel. “This is absolutely ridiculous story,” said the Israeli official, who asked not to be named.

The Israeli newspaper reminds that such violations have led to the dismissal of high-ranking Israeli officials, including Director General of the Ministry of defence. In addition, the newspaper points to the fact that the Ministry of agriculture agreed to buy the Institute a new UAV at the expense of the Israeli taxpayer. The Ministry and the Institute declined to comment.

Presented with Medvedev in Israel, the drone has angered Spain 25.11.2016

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