Candidates for U.S. President, Republican Donald trump and Democrat
Hillary Clinton will hold on Monday, November 7, last in this
which lasted six months of the campaign speech in the so-called
swing States, which largely depends on who will win
the victory, according to “the Voice
Of America”

In this respect, Clinton is scheduled to stop in Michigan, North Carolina and
Pennsylvania, and in the evening – meeting in Philadelphia, which will participate
her husband, former President bill Clinton and President Barack Obama and
first lady Michelle Obama.

Trump is scheduled to meet in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and new Hampshire.

Speaking of Pennsylvania, trump told his supporters that Clinton
is the “most corrupt person”, ever
running for President of the United States. “The investigation into her crimes
it will go a very, very long,” he said, adding that his
by voting, voters can “do justice”.

In Clinton is ahead of trump in the polls by 4 percentage points, Russia voted for trump
on the eve of elections in the United States recorded a reduction in benefits

Media: the West in the persecution of Clinton I see a personal vendetta Putin
Media: Putin was suspected of intending “aviapreparation” ahead
elections in the United States

the day before the election, President Obama publicly ridiculed
“out of control” of trump, which his staff was excommunicated from

again found no reason to bring Clinton to justice for
the case of her official correspondence

In Germany waiting for the outcome of the election in suspense

Speaking afterwards in Leesburg (Georgia), trump declared to the audience that
election of November 8, will be a “PACSICOM multiplied by 50″, bearing in mind
an unexpected result of the June referendum in Britain on the output
countries of the EU. Before the referendum the polls showed supporters of
output, like trump, has lagged behind opponents.

In the US, Clinton is ahead of trump in the polls by 4 percentage points, Russia voted for trump

According to a poll by the Wall Street Journal and TV channel
published on 6 November, Clinton is ahead of trump by four per cent
item. Willingness to vote for former Secretary of state expressed
44% of US citizens, and for trump – 40%.

A survey conducted jointly by ABC
and the Washington Post the day before the election, also
show that Clinton is ahead of his rival from
The Republican party of Donald trump at the same 4%. About support
Clinton 47%, while trump was supported by 43%.

According to a survey by Bloomberg,
the gap between the candidates is three percentage points: Clinton
support 44%, trump’s 41%.

The American Institute of Gallup, who this summer conducted a survey of 45
countries, stated: Russia is the only country where the trump
like 33%, and Clinton – 10%. The results of the survey
VTSIOM, published on 21 October, confirmed: 35% of Russians believe that
the election of the Republican candidate corresponds to the “interests
Of Russia”, and only 6% believe that the national interests of more
fits victory for Clinton. In 2008, Clinton was
a favorite of the Russians.

In the West the persecution of the Clinton’s see Putin’s personal revenge

Western Newspapers, summing up the presidential campaign, concluded,
what Pro-Kremlin media insist on slandering Clinton, suggesting the idea that
Donald trump – “the peace candidate”, while Hillary Clinton “war”,
the site notes InoPressa , in its review of publications.

The German newspaper Süddeutsche
notes that the climax of “malicious slander against
Clinton” was the assertion of celebrationist Dmitry Kiselyov, though
The Clintons were the “godfathers when creating banned in Russia
terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH).

This point and notes the French newspaper Le
: “20 October, during a debate over Syria
NTV democratic candidate was named by the founder
organization “Islamic state”.

“Hillary Clinton, exhibited in a ridiculous light Pro-government
Media, is paying for the wrongs of the Kremlin”, – the correspondent of Le Monde
in Moscow Isabel Mandro and explain the failure of the “reset” of relations
The United States and Russia: “As U.S. Secretary of state from 2009-2013 she was on
advanced during the attempted “reset” and then its failure.”

In her opinion, “a Russian perspective on the us elections can be reduced
binary choice between Donald trump, “candidate world”, and
Hillary Clinton the “candidate wars”. “The Pro-Kremlin media publish
pictures with sexist overtones where Clinton is depicted in a ridiculous
poses, wide-eyed,” she notes.

On Putin’s personal revenge, writes The
Financial Times
. “Every morning there is a fresh tweet
announcing the publication of a new batch of stolen emails
personal account of John Podestà, the head of the election headquarters of Hillary
Clinton.” “The message appears on computer screens throughout
America, forcing the presidential candidate of the Democratic party
to answer the infamous revelation. According to many in Washington,
these daily messages from WikiLeaks – revenge of the
Vladimir Putin” – the newspaper writes.

“When Clinton was Secretary of state, the Russian President laid on
her guilt for the protests that swept Moscow after the parliamentary elections
2011. Now Russia, which President Obama in 2014
dismissed as a “regional power” that is in the doldrums,
threw the unprecedented size of the shadow on the elections of the next President
USA”, – stated in the article.

“Whatever the election result, Russians have made substantial
target: next President will lead a highly polarised society,
riven with conspiracy theories and skeptical attitude to the main
agencies, including the FBI. If Putin wanted to take revenge, he might already be
it did,” the article says.

In Germany waiting for the outcome of the election in suspense

writes that even experienced German diplomats can not
remember the race with such a stream of dirt. German Chancellor Angela
Merkel and foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier hope to win
Hillary Clinton in the presidential election in the United States, “although even in this
the case of Germany and Europe will have a hard time”.

Merkel pointedly ignored the Republican candidate, though
he used her image in his election campaign. Trump
constantly claimed that “Hillary Clinton Angela Merkel
Of America”, referring to the immigration policy of the German Chancellor.

The publication writes about the tension that is observed in the run-up to elections and
the Federal Chancellery and the German foreign Ministry. In
the foreign Ministry of Germany, “of course, hope to win
Clinton, while her administration will not be easy partner.” In
particular, it will require more effort from Europe through NATO,
but all this is minor compared to the fact that German diplomats expect
from the President trump.

The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November. To the highest post in the country
claim: the Republican party is Donald trump,
The democratic former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Earlier, us
authorities accused
Russia attempts to influence the elections in the United States with cyberattacks.

In Moscow, these accusations are categorically dismiss. Speaking at the end
at a plenary session of international discussion club
“Valdai” in Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “Does anyone
seriously thinks that Russia can somehow influence the choice
of the American people? America that some “banana country”, that
? America is a great power”.

Presidential candidates United States will hold its last show in swing States 07.11.2016

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