The newspaper “Kommersant” , the details became known by the main investigatory management (GSU) the TFR investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of former Deputy chief of Quebec Boris Kolesnikov, who is accused of organizing a criminal community. The investigation concluded that major General of the police voluntarily jumped from the sixth floor of a building of the Investigative Committee in Moscow. In connection with this case on incitement to suicide and negligence against two investigators of his case, and the guards had been instituted.

According to the publication, during the investigation, experts were trying to find in the body of General drugs or potent drugs. However, it was found that Kolesnikov had used only a registered medical assistant jail medicines containing phenobarbital (this drug has a sedative, hypnotic and anticonvulsant effects). In the expert opinion States that “the relationship between the intake of these drugs and suicide is ruled out.”

During the last inspection suicide Kolesnikova that occurred in the building of the TFR on 16 June 2014, the investigation conducted additional forensic examination, and witnesses interviewed more than two dozen people, including employees of the Federal penitentiary service, doctors, guards, inmates and attorneys General.

Recall, the 36-year-old General on June 16 last year, was taken for questioning to the building of the TFR in the Technical lane. When in the office at the insistence Kolesnikova appeared the head of the investigative group Sergey Novikov, the suspect asked the convoy to take him to the toilet. According to the official version, in the bathroom with the prisoner’s handcuffs, and he pushed two officers accompanying him, rushed to the fire escape with a balcony that jumped. The man died on the spot.

According to the version of Novikov, Boris Kolesnikov “deliberately insisted on meeting with him alone, outside of the classroom in order to verify the possibility of free exit to the fire escape unimpeded committing suicide”, writes “Kommersant”.

According to the publication, no one questioned during the examination of witnesses not notice for Mr Kolesnikov no signs of escape or suicide. At the same time, one of the inmates in General SIZO “Matrosskaya Tishina”, said that he “talked to himself, saying that summed comrades”. In the last days before his death, the General was acting “depressed, but calmly,” smoked a lot, remembered the family said the witness. Before leaving on the last interrogation, he said, Kolesnikov shaved, then walked the camera and asked the neighbor rhetorical question: “What to do? Tell me what to do?”

In the end, the investigation concluded that General Kolesnikov committed suicide, which could lead to a complex of factors, including the impact received by him shortly before traumatic brain injury. The defense intends to appeal the decision of the investigation.

Borys Kolesnikov was arrested along with his former chief Denis Sugrobov and other employees Quebec by high-profile case of abuse of power. Defendants in the case were accused that they were trying to set FSB Igor Demin, had planned to impersonate the business and offer to take them “under the roof” for 10 thousand dollars a month. Kolesnikov also accused under article “Organization of criminal community”.

Press found the details of the investigation of the death of General Kolesnikov: before his suicide failed 05.08.2015

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