Two defendants in the “Bolotnaya case”, who already assigned to them by the court sentence and released in the late 2015, reported a visit to him the police the morning of October 28.

One of them is an anarchist Alexei Polikhovich , who came to his home, the police had detective of the local police Department and said I wanted to take an explanation from him regarding what he was convicted of “extremist crimes,” reports the website “OVD-info”.

According to the Polikhovich, he talked with the visitors through the door, they were interested in, not whether he is a football fan and for what crimes has been convicted. According to police, in respect of Polikhovich Department came to the paper, which refers to the prevention of extremist and terrorist crimes. Inviting the Polikhovich to talk to the police, the officers left, the report said.

It is worth noting that a day earlier, the Polikhovich, among others, met at the prison gate in the Tula region released the day the “swamp” of the defendant Alexey Gaskarov.

At the same time about the visit from the it police the morning of October 28 announced also served on the “swamp case” Andrey Barabanov on his page in Facebook. “Prevention of extremism carried out immediately after arrival,” he wrote, without specifying where it came from.

The polikhovich and Barabanov was sentenced in February 2014 on charges of use of violence against police and participation in mass riots on Bolotnaya square on 6 may 2012. The first was given three and a half years, second – three years and seven months.

The polikhovich was released on parole on 29 October 2015, three months ahead of the deadline set by the court. Reels was released in December of 2015.

They were serving sentence in a penal colony N6 in the Ryazan region. There were other “Bolotnaya” prisoners, Artyom Savelov and Alexander Margolin.

“Swamp thing”

May 6, 2012, while allowed by the authorities to the opposition rally on Bolotnaya square clashes of protesters with law enforcement officers for illegal actions were detained more than 400 people, injured 30 police officers, several dozen people were injured.

The organizers of the riots, the court found the activists of “Left front” Sergei Udaltsov, Leonid Razvozzhayev and Konstantin Lebedev. Udaltsov and Leonid Razvozzhayev did not admit his guilt, received a four and a half years. Lebedev made a deal with the investigation and testified against his colleagues in exchange for a short time and was released on PAROLE in may 2014.

Just today the defendants in the “Bolotnaya case” were 35 people. 12 of them had already served time and was released. Eight of the defendants are still in jail and the colonies. 13 of the defendants were granted Amnesty, two received suspended sentences. Opposition supporters call the convicted for “swamp case” political prisoners.

“Prevention of extremism”: served “Bolotnaya” defendants visited police 28.10.2016

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