The Primorsky aquarium, where it continues the investigation of the death of two dolphins, have temporarily suspended the sale of tickets for visitors.

“From 1 November, the aquarium is temporarily suspending the sale of tickets in connection with preventive works on engineering systems of the complex. Previously purchased tickets remain valid,” – said on the website of the scientific-educational complex, opened in Vladivostok with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Also the management of the aquarium publicly invited trainer Edgard zapashnogo personally assess the conditions of detention of animals and compare them with the conditions of animals in the circus. “We will provide the opportunity to explore the life-support systems, to visit normocapnia and see how live the inhabitants of scientific adaptive housing and the base study marine mammals,” – said the Director of the aquarium Vadim Serkov.

Thus, explains “the Russian newspaper”, the management of the seaside aquarium responded to the harsh statements of the trainer, after revelations trainer of marine mammals Novel Fadeev about the causes of death of animals in Vladivostok. We will remind, the employee of the aquarium, who is currently working as a technician, accused the administration of the institution in the greed and deliberate actions that created poor conditions for the animals and ultimately caused the death of dolphins and other mammals.

Manual aquarium has made a statement, which said that the death of dolphins is not related to water quality, or feed. However, on the page – in Facebook continue to receive information about the companies contracts with suppliers and the potential abuse.

Animal advocates and concerned citizens continue collecting signatures for an online petition about the closure of the Oceanarium. The appeal to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation, Ministry of natural resources and Greеnpeace stated that for three years in the institution were killed walruses in the World, she and Thor Kalan, two Baikal seals, the Steller sea lion stark and five dolphins, and baby sea lions were “brutally beaten with a hammer”.

“Each new death the management of the aquarium comes up with a new excuse – that animal was hurt and weakened, the whale gasped, trying to leave the pool through the drain pipe (this is how it was unbearable to be there?), there is a power outage (where the backup diesel generators, supplies power to the life support system?), in the death of the guilty left rope (especially for suicide?), the five-month Steller sea lion scared the shit out of an adult mechanic and the impulse of the “self” beat him with a hammer. It does not fit in the boundaries not only of the concepts of humanity, but of common sense as a whole,” reads the petition, which ends the requirement to bring those responsible for the death of animals to criminal prosecution.

Nevertheless, the Board of the Federal Agency of scientific organizations announced the completion of the inspection in the establishment, the results of which Vadim Serkov was left at the head of the aquarium, writes NewsVL.

The representatives of FANO had a number of questions to the head of the Research center of marine biodiversity of the RAS Andrey Adrianov who has appointed Vadim Serkova, the head of the Oceanarium on the Russky island. Adrianov was able to defend his subordinate and told the FANO to whether to leave Vadim Serkova in his post.

“The Commission had a number of questions directly to Adrianova, who was appointed to the post of acting Director of the seaside aquarium Vadim Serkova, at least for him and dragged a large plume of unexplained deaths of animals since the days when the aquarium was not a branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Adrianov fought for Serkova, like a lion. In the end he remains a Director of the seaside aquarium,” reports a source familiar with the situation.

Two Whiteside Dolphin from the seaside aquarium died on Tuesday, October 25. Before death the animals were frothing at the mouth. Local media reported that a serious condition is the last, third, survivor is a Dolphin. Later the administration of the institution said that his condition is “satisfactory”. Two dead dolphins have been sent for an autopsy in the Ussuri the Academy to establish the causes of death. The Steller sea lion stark died on October 21, the reasons for his death was not formally called, a criminal case under the article on cruel treatment of animals.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation took control of the investigation of the death of the Steller sea lion and two dolphins in the seaside aquarium. Vladivostok sent to employees of the Central apparatus of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for rendering of the practical help in investigation of the criminal case and establish the circumstances related to the death of animals.

The investigation and pre-investigation checks on the deaths of animals at the seaside aquarium are subject to special control and the Prosecutor’s office of Primorsky Krai.

Primorsky Oceanarium after the scandal with the death of animals has suspended the sale of tickets and invited zapashnogo 31.10.2016

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