Prince of the ruling dynasty of Saudi Arabia al Saud was flogged by the court, reports Reuters, citing Saudi newspaper Okaz.

As stated in the newspaper report, the execution took place on Monday during the stay of the Prince in prison in Jeddah after a medical examination and statement before the spanking that he’s healthy. The Prince’s name and the reason for the punishment is unknown. Also not specified that he is behind bars.

Earlier it was reported that on 19 October in the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh Prince was executed for the murder of a man in a fight. The media noted that it was the first execution of the Prince with the 1970-ies.

Spanking – a very popular punishment in Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia. Such punishment may follow any breach of the standards of conduct – for example, women are punished for wearing pants , and the use of vehicles. Iran has recently flogged ten girls whose parents have not paid tuition.

A wide resonance not long ago, led to the decision of the authorities in Saudi Arabia to flog a local blogger, laureate of the Deutsche Welle “freedom of speech” Raif Badawi, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for “apostasy” and “insulting Islam”. A man was sentenced to 1000 lashes. Badawi, who criticised the religious leaders of the Kingdom on his website “free Saudi liberals”, was arrested in 2012.

Prince of the ruling dynasty of Saudi Arabia is flogged by the court, media reported 02.11.2016

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