Actress Carrie Fisher, who plays Princess Leia organa in the first film of the space Saga “Star wars”, but the fourth in the chronology of the story – “Episode IV: a New hope,” admitted in his memoirs that during filming in 1976 she was having an affair with Harrison Ford who was playing the role of Han Solo.

And although these relations did not continue (33-year-old Ford was then married to Mary Marquardt, who bore him two sons) and did not last long, only three months, 60-year-old Fisher still remembers that first night I spent with Ford.

“I was inexperienced and all trusted him. And he was kind, writes Fisher in his book. – On weekdays we were Leia and Han, and on weekends – Carrie and Harrison”.

According to the magazine Peoplefor the first time 19-year-old Carrie Fisher close to know Ford after party in honor of the birthday of film Director George Lucas. Here’s how the actress recalls her feelings after the love episode: “I looked at Harrison. This is the face of the Hero – a few strands of hair as if he had stumbled for his noble deep wrinkles the forehead… How, you ask, such a brilliant example of men could go for a girl like me?”

Harrison Ford, as the publication says, in advance got the advance copy of the book and therefore knew that it will be more likely to be discussed. However, the representative of the actor has not responded to the request of journalists.

Later on Fischer in his Twitter noted that given the media exposure of her books were “taken out of context”. She recalled that it did not intend to discuss with anyone whose conduct both in bed and on sofas, in chairs, on coffee tables and other pieces of furniture.

I would never talk about how someone was in any furniture–chair, bed, coffee table or otherwise

“Princess Leia” has published a memoir about the novel “Han Solo”, remembering their first night 16.11.2016

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