What Dan Ndombe of the little Rock (Arkansas, USA), was able to play the theme from “Ghostbusters” on the pumpkins, cannot be explained by anything but magic Halloween, says ABC News.

Software engineer and web designer, interested in music for their own pleasure, although his channel on YouTube, where Ndombe performs under the pseudonym Dan newbie, a lot of fans. They invited the musician to join the all saints ‘ Day and popular franchise about supernatural beings.

In the jet propulsion Laboratory, NASA held a competition pumpkins for Halloween (VIDEO)

“The most difficult thing was to fill the pumpkin with water so that they sounded in the tone in accordance with the notes so precisely so you can play the melody” – said Dan-novice reporters.

Ndombe reminded that YouTube is still a few commercials in which he plays on wine glasses, pans, rubber bands and bottles of beer of different varieties. “I believe that anyone can creatively use the skills and resources available,” he says. He learned to play on anything in the Congo, where left because of the war. As a result, his creative version of the soundtrack from “Game of thrones” has garnered nearly 1.2 million views.

For “Ghostbusters” Dan newbie brought a number of tracks. On them, he knocks on the pumpkins with palms and wooden kitchen spatulas, playing the pumpkin turned into a stringed instrument and Melodyne. In five days the video has gained almost 20 thousand views.

Programmer from Arkansas, played the theme from “Ghostbusters” on pumpkins (VIDEO) 31.10.2016

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