The enthusiasts who proposed to implement the project on creation of small satellites, which should put an end to the disputes whether or not the Americans landed on the moon, just four days managed to gather on the Internet more than a million rubles. About it RIA “Novosti” reported on Monday, the initiator of the project, Vitaliy Egorov.

Last week a group of engineers announced the start of fundraising for the project of spacecraft micro-class, which should enter the lunar orbit and to take pictures at high resolution “titans” and “Rovers” on the surface of the satellite. For the theoretical elaboration of the project, according to the initiators, needed 800 thousand rubles.

To implement the idea of Russian crowdfunding platform Boomstarter October 1, a page was opened to raise funds for the project microsatellite to launch on the lunar orbit and still capture traces of people and landing of the Rovers.

According to Yegorov, in the first day managed to collect 20% of the required amount, for the second 10%. And on the third day, said the initiator of the project, they found a sponsor, which was allocated to the project at once half a million rubles. “However, the flow of sponsors, who pay moneys from 50 rubles to 30 thousand rubles, is not exhausted”, – said Vitaly Egorov. By the time of this writing, responded to the call already 564 sponsor who donated 1 million 14 529 thousand rubles.

Previously, the authors of the project said that if you manage to collect more than a million rubles, they will move from theoretical calculations to the creation of engineering models of the satellite. If the amount of funding will exceed 1.5 million rubles, the additional funds will be used to create on-Board computer of the spacecraft, noted the initiative group.

“The total program cost of shooting the moon would cost significantly more, but here the authors of the project hope for the support of major sponsors or investors”, – said Vitaly Egorov. According to the enthusiast, many sponsors drew one of the interesting tasks that are imposed on the satellite imagery of places landings “Apollo”.

“Still in society there is no unanimous opinion, how real were the astronauts of NASA or it was simulated. The answer I want to know representatives of both parties, and the pursuit of truth unites their interests”, – said Vitaly Egorov.

From 2011 to 2015 of the landing modules of the “titans”, the station “Surveyer” (Surveyor), Soviet “Rovers” and the station’s series “the Moon” repeatedly acted with NASA LRO satellite. The photo resolution of 50 centimeters per pixel, in a few cases 30 centimeters per pixel. The footage can be seen of the lunar modules, Rovers, traces of unomobile, trails left by the astronauts, but the quality, in the opinion of the initiator of the project, “still leaves much to be desired”. According to him, Russian enthusiasts are going to repeat the experience of the LRO, but to take pictures with even higher quality.

As said Vitali Egorov, the sponsors do not intend to challenge the qualification of Russian scientists and representatives of rocket and space industry of the Russian Federation who do not doubt the authenticity of the information about the landing of Americans on the moon. “We just want to embody the basic principle of the scientific method – verifiability. If the same experiment is carried out by different groups of scientists – nobody criticises, for it is normal. We want to shoot the moon and try to make it even higher quality images than the LRO”, – he noted.

The authors of the idea suggest that the microsatellite may be launched to the moon along the way one of the missiles Russia, India or China, who will go to the natural satellite of the Earth in the next decade. Enthusiasts look forward to the support of the project of the Russian aerospace universities, which will reduce the cost of development.

Recall, the Moon is the only celestial body on which a person visited. The American program of manned flight to the moon was called Apollo. The first landing occurred on 20 July 1969, the last in December 1972. The first person to set foot on 21 July 1969 on the moon was American Neil Armstrong, the second Edwin Aldrin; the third crew member Michael Collins remained in the orbiting module.
In December 1972 the astronauts of “Apollo-17″ captain gene Cernan and Dr. Harrison Schmidt were the last people landed on the moon.

In the center of the “moon conspiracy” is the assertion that during the “moon race” between the USSR and the USA in the space program “Apollo” in fact the Americans on the moon had landed, and photography, filmmaking and other documentary materials of the lunar expeditions were allegedly rigged by the US authorities.

The author of the conspiracy theory is considered American writer bill Casing, which released in 1976 the book “We never went to the moon” (We never went to the moon). He pointed out that the level of technological development did not allow NASA to put a man on the moon. Suspect the writer thought the lack of stars in photographs from the lunar surface, various optical anomalies in the photographs, flag waving in a vacuum, smooth surface instead of craters, which were formed as a result of the lunar landing modules. In addition, noted author, film the astronauts had to melt from the heat on the moon.

According to supporters of the conspiracy theory, the U.S. went to the falsification of landing astronauts on the moon to raise its prestige due to the backlog from the USSR in space exploration, and to distract Americans from war crimes the United States during the Vietnam war.

Project on testing of the “lunar conspiracy”, the U.S. has collected more than million in the Network over the four days 05.10.2015

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