In Chelyabinsk at the hands of security guards of a supermarket suffered by the buyer, undergoing rehabilitation after the removal of the lung, reported “AIF-Chelyabinsk”.

April 24, 41-year-old Elizar Kudimov went to the supermarket “the Avenue” shopping center “Tower” on the street salute, 27, to know the price of cassettes for razor.

“The price of the magazine they have about a thousand rubles, it is very expensive. I turned around with the cash register and went hung in place, and then went on. The guards in the hall caught me and demanded to turn out his pockets. I said that they have no right to inspect, offered to call the police,” said the buyer. After that, the guards sarcastically said to him that he was “too smart,” he twirled his hand and dragged to the utility room, where there were no cameras recording. While Kudimov managed to press the movie record button on your phone.

“They are three-four started to beat me up feet and hands. I tried to say that the invalid of the second group, only after two complex surgeries to remove a lung and four ribs, lying in the hospital on the postoperative course, but they wouldn’t listen to me. When hard strokes I got a nosebleed and I’m in semi-consciousness fell on the floor, they searched me, nothing under me from the store of goods, they poured water on me, revived and dragged from the store into the street through the back entrance to the Mall, where he threw”, – the victim told.


Once outside, the man returned the wallet, which was 2000 rubles, said He called the police, the police issued on the spot Protocol. In a press-service UMVD of Russia on the Chelyabinsk confirmed treatment of the victim to the police. “Staff UMVD of Russia on the Chelyabinsk checks upon the statement of the invalid of the second group born in 1975 on the application to it of violence from the side of the supermarket security guards and theft of funds. All participants of incident are established, the police find out the role of each of them,” – said TASS, the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Irina Wolf.

In addition, Kudymov recorded the beating in the center of the forensic medical examination and wrote the application in Prosecutor’s office and the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, says “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

In the store the incident is not confirmed. They said that their guards are not of such form, said “the First regional”. “The only thing I can say unequivocally, the people who are shown in this video, they are in a specialform. Our guards are just not suited. Are neither of these vests, no black mould,” said the website of commercial Director of the supermarket Andrey Gribanov.

Note, may 3, in Yekaterinburg, was sentenced to 10 years in a General regime colony, the former security guard chop “Caesar-Satellite” Alexander Kuznechikhin, who beat two supermarket buyers, reported 12 February 2016, two drunken men came to the store for beer, but at the checkout, one of them dropped a bottle, and then comrades started to argue with the sellers and they called security. Chopovtsy pushed men in the back and severely beaten, one of the victims later died.

Protection of the Chelyabinsk supermarket, was beaten severely disabled because he returned to the regiment shaving cassette tape, deciding not to buy them 16.05.2017

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