The Deputy of the Pskov regional Assembly of the party “Fair Russia” Oleg Bryachak in a public speech linked the name of the Pskov Governor Andrei Turchak with the attack on journalist Oleg Kashin. As noted by the Russian service of the BBC, none of the current politicians in the region have not yet mentioned the name of the Governor in the context of an attack on Oleg Kashin at the meeting of the legislative Assembly, although in various interviews this version was voiced by ex-Deputy Lev Shlosberg (“Apple”).

As explained spywares at the meeting, informed he received a letter from the Vice-Governor Maxim Zhavoronkov, in which he allegedly demanded to apologize for the remarks of the Governor and the administration of the Pskov region.

At the meeting on Wednesday Bryachak refused to apologize and explained his position: “But how else could you Express that fact, when beaten in Moscow of the journalist, killed him. Performers took, the executors named customer: they called Andrei Turchak, who now runs the Pskov region”.

In comments to BBC Oleg Kashin in absentia thanked the Deputy Bryachak, because he raised this issue at the level of the legislative Assembly. In his words, “the role Turchak in my business for a year moved from the category of rumor and speculation to specific allegations of the performers, pointing it Turchak as the customer of a crime”.

In summer 2010, Kashin, mentioning Turchak in the comments in my Live Journal, used the adjective “CP***NY”. Turchak said this: “Young man, you have 24 hours to apologize. The clock is ticking” (later this post was deleted).

The attack on Oleg Kashin was made on 6 November 2010 in Moscow near the house on Pyatnitskaya street, where he rented an apartment. Unknown stabbed him 56 blows with a rod of iron, breaking the Shin, the upper and lower jaw, hands, causing traumatic brain injury and other injuries. The alleged perpetrators were detained: they were employees of the company, owned by Anatoly Turchak, the father of Governor of the Pskov region Andrei Turchak.

The alleged perpetrator of the crime Danila Veselov said in the interrogation that ordered the attack on Kashin was Turchak, who was offended by the statements of the journalist in the Internet. Kashin himself also adheres to this version. According to the testimony Veselov, Pskov Governor during the preparation of the attack on the journalist personally gave instructions to the performers.

Pskov Deputy mentioned the Governor Turchak as a customer of beating of the journalist Kashin 24.11.2016

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