Dutch club PSV will not ask the Union of European football associations (UEFA) to punish “Rostov” for an incident with a bananathrown on the field of stadium “the Olympus-2″ during a match of the group stage of the Champions League.

“No, we’re not asking to punish “Rostov”, because before the match the club together with the police pledged to take all necessary measures to prevent such incidents. It is obvious that control of each person was impossible. So the question of the punishment of the club within the competence of UEFA,” – said TASS press attache of the PSV Tisa Slegers.

Thus, Slegers expressed the hope that threw a banana on the field people will be identified and punished.

PSV stands against racism, both in ordinary life and in football, where we hope he will be expelled. Such incidents, when a banana thrown on the field, obviously, it will not help”, – he added.

Recall that the match of 2 Matchday of the group stage of the Champions League between “Rostov” and the Dutch PSV, the last Wednesday in Rostov-on-don, ended in a draw 2:2.

PSV will not complain to UEFA was abandoned in a banana 29.09.2016

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