Moscow civil activist Konstantin Altukhov has filed a police statement about the beating and robbery. According to the man, known by the nickname Parkman, he was attacked by security guards of the illegal construction. The attackers opened the car Altukhov, then crippled the driver and stole his property. In proof of the crime, the activists of the Internet-channel “Movement” has published a video of the attack in the capital district Teply Stan on the night of October 26.

To date, Konstantin Altukhov filed in the district OMVD several statements, saying the robbery, the beating, the disappearance of things and intentional damage to their property. The victim was diagnosed with a broken arm. And after beating Altuhov he was arrested by guards and taken to the station. There he mysteriously lost driver’s license.

The confrontation between the builders and local residents in a Warm Camp continues for more than six months, writes “Novaya Gazeta”. At the beginning of February 2016, the residents blocked all entrances to the construction site, located at Union street, plot 128. The company ODIS and GK Domstrojj plan to build a high rise building in the immediate vicinity of their houses, on the site of people’s Park “spring”.

The exact purpose of the buildings is unknown: according to representatives of the contractor, it was planned to build a hotel complex for the world Cup 2018. At the same sites, on housing, has information about the construction of this residential complex.

Anyway, local residents and activists began to interfere with construction activities. They blocked the roads around the clock since the management of construction projects sought to bring in building materials under cover of night.

“On October 26 at 3 a.m. at the construction site began the next action. I arrived at 4:00 and saw the car of activists taken away in hand, – says Konstantin Altukhov. – There are about 70 people in the construction overalls, masks, helmets, who prepared the ground for the arrival of construction equipment”.

According to the activist Vasily Kotov, to the construction site that night was attended by about 100 young people aged 25 to 35 years old, “very large, weighing 100-120 pounds.” Some of them were in overalls and helmets, “to mow under construction”.


The footage posted of the movie “Gangster Teply Stan” is seen as the attackers swing car Konstantin parked at the entrance to the construction site. They tried to open the locked door, sprinkle pepper gas in the air intake and “smoked” the driver with a fire extinguisher. Other activists who were trying to film, the thugs drove away with threats of violence. They also tried to take away opponents video.

A short time later the guards of the construction site pushed the back of the pickup Altukhov, after which the site tried to stop the truck. However, Constantine in this time also began, although before the car stood two guards. They jumped to the side, but the pickup truck and “got used” to each other.

From the comments to the video, it follows that the Federation pressed on the gas pedal, because “you were blinded and shocked” when the gap in the rear glass of his car sprayed an unknown gas.

Then the guards broke, presumably with the butt, the glass driver’s door of a pickup truck. Constantine tried to prevent them to unlock the door locks. Then he broke his arm. In the end, the attackers managed to penetrate into the interior of the car. The footage shows how they get out of him not only the driver but also personal things Altukhov. In particular, the tall man in the orange jacket got the iPad 3. Also from the car and driver’s jackets were stolen a Samsung phone, two radar and 115 thousand rubles.

Constantine Altuhov received a concussion. In addition, he has almost ceased to see one eye, said in comments to the video. According to the victim, he on the video identified one of the 25 attackers, who broke his arm. The Federation also added that the other guard (he is nicknamed Gollum) “took out a knife and tried to cut off his finger with the Assembly in the ring”.

After a few minutes of beating on the scene TV reporters and “reinforcement” of the locals. Only by 4:30 to the scene of the collision arrived two police buses with Riot police. In the end, police arrested the Altukhov, who spent 13 hours at the police station.

Also arrested was a municipal Deputy Mikhail Gromov, a local resident Levon Smirnov and three of their opponents from among the guards of the building. However, to check whether it is legal the actions of the builders, security forces did not. They only prevented further clashes.

According to Konstantin Altukhov, to POLICE he lost his driver’s license. Moreover, the document was gone from the room, which at that time was four traffic police. The room also has video surveillance.

We add that the Federation was known as the Parkman when in Moscow in October 2014 tried to evacuate he owns a Mazda pickup truck. Then he climbed onto the platform of a tow truck and about a day spent in the car, forcing him to return the car. After that Altukhov has a lot of followers.

Published VIDEO of attack of security guards of the building on Parkman Moscow Konstantin Altukhov 31.10.2016

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