President Vladimir Putin and a half times increased the number of cars with “flashers” to the State Duma of the new convocation. In accordance with its decree of 25 October, the lower house now relies 12 vehicles with devices for giving special light and sound signals instead of the eight stipulated earlier.

To decide who will get four additional “flashers”, is the newly minted Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, the right of choice of a specific vehicle on which to deliver signals, assigned by the head of the Agency who has been granted a quota, says RBC.

In the Duma of the previous convocation of the car with flashing lights was provided to the speaker, his two first deputies, leaders of the four factions and the chief of staff of the lower chamber.

Updated in the state Duma became the six Deputy speakers instead of 12 in the former. Presumably, six Deputy Volodin and will be entitled to additional cars with “flashers”, reports “Interfax”.

The present decree Putin has made changes in his decree of 2012, which halved the number of flashing lights on the cars of officials – from one thousand to 569. Then, without “flashing lights” left the government office, many ministries, Federal agencies and services, the CEC and the regional legislature. To reduce the number of cars of officials with flashing lights, annoying people, Putin promised before the presidential elections of 2012.

In early September of this year, Putin gave the right to the use of “flashing lights” on his car of employees of the new force structure – Regardie.

In addition, the right to use spetssignalov on cars with a special color have fire, police, ambulance, military police, military police, the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, as well as emergency services.

Putin added that “flashing lights” the new Duma under the leadership Volodina 26.10.2016

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