Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that it would help to distract from work and to get to another, “useful”, the world of works of classics of Russian literature Mikhail Lermontov.

“Read what you don’t like. In General, from the that love, on my Desk lies constantly Lermontov in order to think about something, distracted and generally get into another world – useful, beautiful and interesting”, – quotes “Interfax” the recognition of the head of state made at a meeting with winners of the national contest “Teacher of year of Russia”.

It clarifies the Agency, so Putin answered a question from the participants about their favorite books.

“Mikhail was a complicated man, life was uneasy, and injustice was a lot he struggled with it. But this does not mean that he did not like the country, on the contrary, he loved her, maybe more than those who praise the king and all sorts of administration”, – told Vladimir Putin that the best teachers of the country a similar meeting a year ago. Then he quoted a poem of Lermontov about the “country of slaves, country of masters” and noted the desire of the poet to fight for Russian interests in the Caucasus.

Two years ago, the Russian President live quoted the same poem by Lermontov during the final press conference. “Just recently we celebrated the birthday of Lermontov, he wrote: “farewell, unwashed Russia, country of slaves, country of masters.” He was a member of the opposition? Of course! One of the relatives asked him to soften the text of the poem on Pushkin’s death. He was opposition leader, but he was a patriot, he was an officer, very brave, brave the bullets went”, – said Vladimir Putin.

Two months before the press conference Putin took part in the events dedicated to the 200th anniversary of its favorite author. He visited the family estate of Lermontov and knelt before the grave of the poet.

Putin admitted that with the help of Lermontov falls into another world 05.10.2016

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