Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev met with fishermen during boat trips on the lake Ilmen in the Novgorod region. On the Kremlin website published a photo report on the meeting of the first persons of the state with fishermen in a clean new uniform orange color with reflectors.

Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the President and the Prime Minister decided to spend the weekend outdoors in the Novgorod region.

Saturday in the afternoon, the President and the Prime Minister came along to the island of Lipno where the boat on the Delta of the river Msta went for a walk around the lake. The weather was calm, the waves small, which allowed Putin and Medvedev to overcome several kilometers along the water and talk in an informal setting.

As reported TASS, “on the way he met fishermen, who in two Soim (wooden boats with a length of 12 – 15 meters) were caught with seines fish and were very surprised by the appearance of the first persons of the state”. The President and the Prime Minister stopped at their boats, fishermen greeted, then invited to join the conversation.

The fishermen showed Putin and Medvedev the way of catching fish using nets, which is stretched between two boats. The Agency claims that fishing boats no motor, and they use only the force of the wind. The head of state and the Prime Minister asked the fishermen about the technology of these boats and asked about the catch.

In addition to communicating with the fishermen, the President and the Prime Minister visited the territory of the island of Lipno and visited the ancient Church of St. Nicholas in Lipno. This is one of the first stone churches that were built after the Mongol invasion. During the great Patriotic war the temple was destroyed and restored in 1956.

The island of Lipno is one of the most picturesque places on lake Ilmen. Now it lives only one elderly woman. The fishermen often stay here during fishing.

Putin accepted the request of the fishermen and promised to help

As reported by RIA “Novosti”, the President and the Prime Minister accepted the request of the fishermen and promised to help: those requested to keep the way of catching fish using Soim – special boats that go on the water under sail.

The fishermen said that the current legislation does not allow registration of boats of this type in the river register in connection with the classification of small vessels, under which soimy not fall.

“Okay. We hear you. We will help you will do. Moreover, such court, which we have seen today is an exact copy of wooden ships, who did here centuries ago. On Ilmen they work, and there are no problems” – said Putin.

Medvedev added that this is a way of gentle catching fish as the fishermen do not use motors and fuel for their boats.

Putin and Medvedev in the Novgorod region met at the lake fishermen in brand new overalls 10.09.2016

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