Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the appointment of 13 generals of Regardie. Among them, seven people were assigned to the military district commanders of National guard troops, said on the Agency’s website.

The commander of the Central district appointed Paul Dashkov, the commander of the North Caucasus district troops – Eugene Zubarev. To command the troops of the Eastern district Igor Grunow and Siberian district – Viktor Strigunov. The commander of the Ural district have become Igor Galaev, and the Volga – Alexander Poryadin. Head Northwest district appointed Sergei Zakharkin.

The same decree in the Central office appointed the chief of head Department of aviation – chief of the air national guard, chief of training of troops (forces), head of Central Directorate of communication – the Deputy chief of the General staff of the army of Regardie and the first Deputy Chief of staff and chief of the organizational Department – the head of the office of the Director, the head of the Main organizational-mobilization Directorate and the chief of a Central Board for the protection of objects of Regardie.

Previously the order of the Director of Regardie Viktor Zolotov to the post of heads of territorial bodies were assigned more than 20 officers. The number of Federal service of National guard troops is more than 340 thousand people.

A decree on the establishment of the national guard on the basis of Interior Ministry troops, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed 5 APR. Later it was announced that the new structure will be called Asgardia. It was headed by commander of the Internal troops, Viktor Zolotov, who previously headed the security service of the President.

Regardie were given powers that were Interior Ministry troops, Riot police, SOBR and MVD tssn. It was reported that employees of the new structure will be able to detain citizens, to check the documents, to cordon off the area, including the suppression of the riots. They are also allowed in case of an emergency to prohibit the movement of cars, to use cars of citizens to prosecute criminals, to enter a dwelling, to use force, special means and weapons. In the summer the state Duma has passed a bill allowing men to use weapons in the crowd, to suppress revolts in the colonies.

Putin appointed generals of the 13 Regardie 13.10.2016

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