The President of Russia Vladimir Putin approved a new concept of external
policy of the Russian Federation, while acknowledging as invalid the previous
the concept, approved February 12, 2013. The decree about it,
dated November 30 Thursday, December 1,
official portal
legal information.

The main directions of foreign policy activity of Russia, as
they are defined in the document are security
of the country, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, strengthening
legal state and democratic institutions. In addition,
activities aimed at creating favorable external conditions for the
sustainable growth and competitiveness of the Russian
economy, its technological modernization, improvement of level and quality
of life of the population and strengthening of Russia’s position as one of the most influential
centers of the modern world.

Among other areas referred to as “discrimination of the Russian
of goods, services and investment”, “enhancing international peace,
the common security and stability”, the formation
good-neighbourly relations with neighbouring countries and promoting the elimination of
hotbeds of tension.

The role of the factor of force in international relations increases

The document refers to the attempt by Western States to impose their
view the rest of the world that is presented to the authors
threat against the background of international instability.

The role of the factor of force in international relations in connection with the aggravation
contradictions and instability of the political and economic system
increases, the document says. “Building and upgrading
power potential, the creation and deployment of new weapons
undermine strategic stability, threaten global
security provided by the system of treaties and agreements in the field
arms control”, – stated in the document.

At the same time, the risk of large-scale war, including nuclear,
recognized low. “Despite the fact that the risk of unleashing
large-scale war, including nuclear, between the leading
States remains low, risks of involving them in
regional conflicts and the escalation of the crisis”, – stated in the text.

The concept emphasizes that Russia will fight against the military
interventions that violate the sovereignty of States. “The Russian Federation
intends to prevent the implementation under the pretext of implementing the concept
“responsibility to protect” military interventions and other forms
third-party intervention that violates international law,
particular the principle of sovereign equality of States”, – is told in

About relations with the United States

“Russia proceeds from the fact that the progressive and predictable development
dialogue with the US on bilateral relations and
issues of world significance is only possible on the basis of equality,
mutual respect of interests and non-interference in the internal Affairs of each
other”, – stated in the concept.

“Russia does not recognize the extraterritorial implementation of the US’s
jurisdiction outside the framework of international law, rejects attempts
the provision of military, political, economic or other pressure and
reserves the right to react firmly to unfriendly
action, including by strengthening national defence and making
mirrored or asymmetrical measures”, – stated in the document.

“Russia is considering the creation of a global missile
of defense as a threat to its national security and leaves
the right to take adequate retaliatory measures”, – is spoken further.

“Russia stands for a constructive cooperation with the United States in the field
arms control under the mandatory recognition of the permanent
the relationship between strategic offensive and defensive
means imperative to make the process of nuclear disarmament
the multilateral nature”, – is spoken in the concept.

“The Russian Federation proceeds from the fact that the negotiations on the future
reductions in strategic offensive arms are possible only with
into account any and all factors influencing global
strategic stability,” – noted in it.

About the relationship with NATO countries

In the new concept notes that Russia will build relations with
NATO taking into account the degree of readiness of the Alliance to equal partnership,
wherein RF “negative attitude to NATO expansion, the approximation
the military infrastructure of the Alliance towards the Russian border and to increase its
military activity in the border regions of Russia”.

Russia, according to the concept, refers to these actions as
“violates the principle of equal and indivisible security leading to
the deepening of old and the emergence of new dividing lines in Europe.”

About relations with Ukraine

The concept establishes the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine
political and diplomatic way.

“The Russian Federation is interested in the development of the variety
political, economic, cultural and spiritual ties with Ukraine
on the basis of mutual respect, forming partnerships with
compliance with its national interests”, – the document says.

It is noted that “in cooperation with all interested
States and international structures Russia will make the necessary
efforts for political and diplomatic settlement of the internal Ukrainian

On the protection of the interests of Russian companies

TASS said an important part of the concept of protection of interests of the Russian
companies on the world stage. The document States that Russia
“providing state support to Russian organisations in
the development of new and developing traditional markets, counteracts
discrimination against domestic investors and exporters”.

The document also States that Russia is “strengthening cooperation with
the leading producers of energy resources, is committed to the development
equal dialogue with consuming countries and transit countries
these resources, based on the fact that to guarantee the implementation of
supply of energy resources requires stability
demand and reliability of transit” and “taking action
the use of its unique geographical position for
increasing transit traffic in order to optimize the development
trade and economic relations between Europe and the Asia-Pacific

To develop a new version of the concept of Putin instructed
in April 2016. In the concept of 2013 main objectives
declared including “the creation of favourable external conditions
for sustainable and dynamic growth”, “strengthening
international peace and promoting good-neighborly relations with
neighbouring States”. During this time Russia annexed the Crimea,
got for it, under sanctions by the world community and has experienced double
the fall of the ruble on the background of a sharp drop in investment and
economic downturn.

Putin approved the new foreign policy concept of Russia 01.12.2016

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