Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday, February 2, has arrived on a working visit to Hungary. It is planned that the first Russian head of state will talk with the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, then the talks will continue in wider composition. After you have scheduled a joint press conference the two leaders, reports “Interfax”.

As stated by the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov, visit
Putin in Budapest is a continuation of his regular contacts with
Prime Minister of Hungary, which the Russian leader will meet
for the seventh time.

Ushakov said that Putin and Orban associate “good
a trust relationship” and the two countries with “very intense
political dialogue at various levels”.

As reported before the press-service of the President of the Russian Federation, “in the upcoming
Budapest the talks, special attention will be paid to the promotion of
major joint projects in trade-economic sphere and strengthen
cultural and humanitarian ties.”

Orban – a supporter of strong commercial ties with Russia, especially in the energy sector. In 2014, Hungary announced the decision jointly with Russia to expand a nuclear power plant “Paks” on the money given to Russia as a loan. While European critics of the project said that this step is purely political reasons: the Kremlin “buys” the location of one of the governments of the European Union.

The contract was signed in January 2014, and after a few months, Orban has recognized Russia as “a successful model of development” and said that he intends to build in Hungary “illiberal state,” writes political columnist for Der Spiegel Keno Versek.

With even a few years ago the Hungarian Prime Minister “had a clearly negative attitude to Russia and called it the occupier, the aggressor and supporter of the Imperial policy of violence”, says the author, translated by InoPressa. “But in 2010, when Orban came to power in the search for new sources of funding began to advocate “opening to the East” changed”, – writes Versek.

The contract for the extension of the nuclear power plant Paks was signed in the midst of the Ukrainian crisis, says the correspondent of Liberation in Budapest, Florence La Bruyère. “Hungary has placed on the Russian giant Rosatom, without a tender, the only extension of the Hungarian NPP “Paksh”, built by the Soviet Union. Cost: € 12 billion, financing with preferential state credit from the Russian side,” – said the author of the article, translated by the site InoPressa.

In turn, Victor of Szigetvari of the Hungarian social-liberal political party Együtt (“Together – Party for a new era”) notes that “the opposition could not even read the contract signed with Rosatom, because the Hungarian government has defined it as “the secret” for thirty years. “Ever since Putin annexed Crimea in 2014, it no longer invites, in addition to Hungary… We become dependent on the Russian regime, which seeks to destabilize the EU and NATO”, – said the Hungarian politician.

La Bruyère notes that Orban systematically criticizing “bureaucrats from Brussels and “supranational” Europe” and said in their speeches about the “end of Western liberalism”. “Speech, which echoed Putin’s communications”, – the journalist concludes.

In addition, many Hungarian speaking Internet sites picked up by Russian propaganda. “Among the most famous – Sputnik and Russia Today, is clearly supported by the Kremlin. Only about a hundred of them, according to a poll of the Hungarian independent information portal Individual sites cover international events… But always from the Russian point of view,” says the reporter.

Putin arrived in Hungary 02.02.2017

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