Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Samarkand, to honor the memory of the past life of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov. On arrival, the head of the Russian Federation immediately went to the cemetery, where on September 3, buried longtime Uzbek leader.

Putin honored the memory of Karimov and Prime Minister Shavkat by Mirziyaev, reports TASS. Kneeling in front of the grave of the first President of Uzbekistan, the Russian leader laid a bouquet of red roses. In addition, Putin met with the relatives of the deceased and expressed condolences to them, according to the website of the Kremlin.

The head of the Russian Federation the day before declared that the path of the G20 summit in China “will call” in the Central Asian Republic, to “pay respects” Karimov. The Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov has explained to journalists that this trip will be private. “The President would like to Express their feelings,” said Ushakov “Interfax”.

Putin told reporters in China that the President of Uzbekistan he had a good personal relationship. “I must tell you – the human side, or what, can open – it is very good to me personally was concerned, we had very good relations. He’s older, he to me always by name and in the “you” addressed”, – said the President of the Russian Federation. Putin expressed hope that the new government will maintain stability in the country, and Russian-Uzbek relations will continue its forward movement.

In Uzbekistan, September 2 officially announced about the death of Karimov
79-m to year of life after a stroke. First President of the Republic was buried on 3 September according to Muslim traditions in his native city of Samarkand, near the historical monument of Shahi Zinda, to the cemetery, where are buried his parents.

On behalf of Putin, who was in those days in Vladivostok,
Russian official delegation to the ceremonies was headed by
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

While the details of the death of Karimov became known after the funeral. Well-known Finnish neurosurgeon Juha Hernesniemi, who was invited to Uzbekistan to save the life of the President, said that brain death occurred in the head of the Republic almost immediately after the accident on 27 August. Karimov further treatment the physician considered meaningless. However, the life of the President was pegged until September 2, when a politician’s heart stopped.

In some media about the death of Karimov announced on August 29. Thursday, September 1, the Agency Fergana News reported the date and place of the funeral of the Uzbek leader. In addition, on 2 September, Reuters, citing three sources , reportedthat the President of Uzbekistan died before the advent of the official reports. Also, the Agency “Interfax” in the evening of September 2 with reference to the government of Uzbekistan announced that Karimov had died, but then asked to cancel this message, explaining it by a technical glitch.

According to the Constitution of Uzbekistan, the head of the Senate of the Republic Nigmatilla Yuldashev will temporarily perform the duties of the President. In accordance with article 96 of the Basic law, within three months, presidential elections will take place.

Earlier the journalist Arkady Dubnov wrote, what is most likely to take Tashkent “throne”, in his opinion, the second person in the official Uzbek hierarchy, 59-year-old Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Shavkat mirzijaeva who headed the government since 2003. The second potential candidate is first Deputy Prime Minister, head of financial-economic block of the government, Rustam Azimov, reported to Fergana News.

Islam Karimov died at age 78. He was born on January 30 1938 in Samarkand (Uzbek SSR, USSR). In Soviet times, served as the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Uzbek SSR (1989-1991). Uzbekistan, ruled since Soviet independence. In 1990-1992 – head of the government of Uzbekistan, the then – President. At the first election scored 86%, then steadily more than 90%.

Putin arrived in Samarkand to commemorate Karimov 07.09.2016

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