Russian President Vladimir Putin called some “fears” cause the negative to it from the West.

He told German journalist Hubert Seipel of the, according to the channel NTV, who directed the interviews with Seipel’s program “New Russian sensations”.

The entire program is published on the website of the TV channel. Mostly used footage of interviews with Seipel, there is also footage of an interview with a German journalist with the Russian President.

For example, on the question of whether it shouldn’t take Western standards, Putin replied: “I should be what I want to see the people.”

Later, he advises certain forces in the West “put not on a specific person, and to the Russian people.”

In the film Seipel reported on the talks between Putin and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko during the encirclement of the Ukrainian military under Ilovaisk in August 2014. Thus, according to the translation, NTV, Seipel says that Mat fought “with the local population”.

Seipel in 2012 made a film about the Russian President, and in 2016 – released a book about him.

Putin called “fears” the reason for the negative attitude of the West towards it 08.10.2016

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