The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes that his nickname the King. He declared it in interview to the American TV channel CBS. The announcement of the talks, which will be shown this Sunday, posted on the website of the company.

Interviewer Charlie rose pointed out that Putin is often discussed in the US and sometimes reward him a Royal title. In response, the Russian head of state said that he doesn’t care, as called by his friends and opponents. “People call me different, but it’s (nickname the King. – Approx. does not suit me,” he said.

“It is important that you think about yourself and what you must do to the interests of the country whose people have entrusted you with the presidency”, he said. The President of Russia expressed the view that people who are interested in him, have nothing else to do.

Not paid attention to and interests the subject of Putin himself. He told an American journalist, what attracted it to US. “Creativity, openness… and emancipation. Largely due to this, America has achieved such amazing success,” said the Russian President. He also noted that he is interested in what is happening in the United States, because America has a huge impact on the world.

On the background of cooling relations with the West in Moscow stated about the intentions of Vladimir Putin for the first time in 10 years to speak at the UN General Assembly. He can hold a meeting with U.S. President Barack Obama. In addition, Putin said about the readiness to meet with the Pope and Elton John.

Putin considered the nickname the King unsuitable for themselves 25.09.2015

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