Russian President Vladimir Putin has considered it inappropriate resumption of Russian air strikes videoconferencing in Aleppo humanitarian pause in the area of Syria will be extended. This was reported to journalists the press-Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the appeal of the General staff of the Russian Federation with the request to allow the resumption of Russian attacks videoconferencing on terrorists.

“The President has in mind is possible to continue the humanitarian pause for withdrawal of the wounded and the release of militants who wish to leave the city, and, more importantly, in order to provide an opportunity for our American partners to execute previously taken on promises and commitments on delimitation of the so-called moderate opposition and terrorist groups” – quoted TASS Peskov.

When absolutely necessary to prevent provocative actions by terrorists Russia will resume strikes, said Peskov. A specific date he called difficult.

Previously on October 28 the Russian General staff has addressed to Vladimir Putin with a request to renew air strikes against militants in Eastern Aleppo, said the head of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff Lieutenant-General Sergey rudskoy. According to him, the Russian Center reconciliation and administration of Aleppo negotiate the evacuation of civilians and the release of militants from areas under their control, reports “Interfax”.

In addition, the General staff said that the Syrian opposition launched an offensive in Aleppo, taking advantage of the moratorium on the use of Russian and Syrian aircraft. This allegedly led to numerous victims among the civilian population: 43 people were killed, about hundred have got wounds.

Shortly before the statements of the General staff, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at press conference following talks with foreign Ministers of Iran and Syria supported the continuation of active hostilities in Aleppo. He stated that “terrorists have to finish”, and the opposition had enough time to dissociate.

According to the Russian Minister, the Russian aviation 10 days of strikes on targets in and around Aleppo. “Today 10 days, as neither Russia nor Syria has not used its air and military space forces around Aleppo at all. And of course, during this period it was quite possible to understand at least the disengagement in Eastern Aleppo, not to mention other parts of Syria, although this task is very acute for other areas in the Syrian Arab Republic,” Lavrov said.

“We take very seriously hoped that the humanitarian pause and no aircraft will be used by our American partners, in order to finally convince the so-called moderate opposition to dissociate themselves from the “jabhat al Fatah ash-sham” (an organization banned in Russia. – Approx., from the former “Nusra”, which essentially runs East of Aleppo, and commanded all the others are there factions of the armed opposition,” explained the Minister.

Lavrov proposed to develop a “Marshall plan” for Syria

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia has proposed to develop a modern “Marshall plan” for Syria, Reuters reports. In his view, no alternative to a political settlement of the situation in Syria, and the sanctions against the country will harm its civilian population.

Lavrov said that during talks with the foreign Ministers of Iran and Syria was done “focus on the need to continue and intensify the uncompromising struggle against terrorism.” And the issues related to the improvement of the humanitarian situation, the cessation of hostilities and “immediate start of inter-Syrian negotiations”, were the second major topic of the meeting.

Note that during a speech at the meeting of the discussion club “Valdai” in Sochi on 27 October, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared need of development of modern “Marshall plan” for the Middle East, reports RBC.

Putin did not allow the defense Ministry to resume airstrikes on Aleppo 29.10.2016

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