The President of Russia Vladimir Putin discussed economic issues and situation in the middle East with king of Bahrain Hamad bin ISA al Khalifa. The head of the Arab States is currently in Russia on a working visit, he came at the invitation of Moscow. The leaders agreed to maintain bilateral cooperation in the conditions of difficult economic situation.

“Despite the rather difficult situation in the economy, yet we continue to create the necessary for the expansion of our interaction mechanisms of cooperation. Bahrain is our important partner in the Gulf and throughout the middle East,” said Vladimir Putin, quoted by the official website of the Russian President.

The king of Bahrain called the meeting a good opportunity for exchange of views and expressed the hope that together it is possible to overcome the difficulties in the economy. “Maybe we see not to the end the full picture, and with the cooperation of all countries can work together to overcome the difficulties,” he said.

Al-Khalifa also expressed the hope that with his visit he undermines Putin’s plans. In response, the President lamented that the king of Bahrain refused to ride with him on skis. “Next time,” said the Russian President.

It also became known that the parties exchanged gifts. The king of Bahrain has received from Putin the horse Akhal-Teke breed, reports TASS. Four Akhal-Teke named Kajibek is the world champion in the breed in 2015, the absolute world champion 2014 and world champion of young horses 2014. In response to the Russian leader was presented with a sword made of Damascus steel the blade was made by order of the king, and the scabbard and hilt are made of precious metals.

Note that the king of Bahrain declared his intention to go to Putin after the mass media told about the readiness to accede to a ground operation in Syria (later these data have been refuted).

In addition, last week Saudi Arabia said it was ready to start in Syria ground operation against banned in the Russian Federation the terrorist group “Islamic state” (DAYS).

In Russia, suspected that Turkey will also take part in it, but Ankara, denied this information. The Syrian authorities have acted strongly against such operations, stating that without the consent it will be considered as attack on sovereign territory.

Note that this happened on the background of the breakdown of negotiations for a peaceful settlement in Syria where the West has accused Moscow.

The civil war in Syria lasts since 2011. Ruin took advantage of the terrorists ISIS, which seized part of the territory of Syria. With the end of 2014, the international coalition led by the US has been fighting with terrorists.

From 30 September 2015 separately from the coalition in the battle with ISIS has entered Russia starting bombing. While the West has repeatedly claimed that Russia is bombing not so much terrorists as one side of the civil war and the opposition who oppose the government of President Bashar al-Assad but also fighting against terrorists. This, as claimed by Western media, is beneficial to the terrorists. In the Russian Federation this information have denied.

Note that the media a year ago predicted the beginning of the ground operation in Syria. However, the U.S. is continually denied.

Putin discussed the situation in the middle East with king of Bahrain 08.02.2016

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