Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on approval of the regulations on operational-territorial Association of armies of Regardie. According to the document, published on 25 may on the official Internet portal of legal information, from now on, soldiers Minister would be involved in repelling aggression against the Russian Federation jointly with the Armed forces and border authorities of the FSB.

As follows from the decree, which came into force from the date of signing, is now operational-territorial Association of Regardie will perform tasks involved in the fight against terrorism and extremism, support of the regimes of emergency, martial law, legal regime of counter-terrorist operations, and to participate in repelling the aggression against Russia with the armed forces, the border guard of the FSB and other military formations and bodies.

In addition, the soldiers of Regardie will assist boundary bodies of FSB in the protection of the Russian border. The tasks of the operational-territorial Association of Regardie also includes the protection of public order, security of vital and sensitive sites, the organization of the Federal state control over observance of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of arms trafficking, as well as the security of FEC objects.

The document notes that the decision on creation, reorganization and liquidation of operational and territorial associations made by the President of the Russian Federation and determines its border as a military-administrative unit of troops Regardie.

“By decision of the President of the Russian Federation of military units of the troops of the national guard may be transferred to the operational control of the commander of the military district of the Armed forces to perform tasks in the field of defence”, – the document says.

We will note, recently the head of Regardie Viktor Zolotov has announced that the number of staff of his Department have almost doubled compared to the number of personnel of Internal troops of the MIA of Russia on the basis of which it was created.

“We think about preparing our officers to replenish, because, of course, with the creation of the new force structure the number of personnel has almost doubled and officers need to cook from a very young age,” he explained.

April 5, 2016, Russian President signed a decree on the basis of which, on the basis of Internal troops of the Ministry of interior created the Federal service of national guard troops Russia (Regardie). In its part internal troops of the interior Ministry, Riot police, SWAT, division of private security and licensing work. In the regions the main task of Regardie called struggle against the “fifth column” and the revolutionary impulse.

Putin expanded the powers of Regardie to repel aggression against Russia 25.05.2017

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