Russia in Syria provides military assistance only legitimate army of President Assad and the UN Charter. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said in an interview with American journalist Charlie rose of American CBS. Interaction is limited to the supply of weapons, training, and humanitarian aid, Mr Putin said. The President also mentioned the topics to cover in his speech at the UN General Assembly: the leader will represent the Russian vision of international relations, the future of the organization and of the world community, and will also touch on the subject of combating terrorism, particularly with the “Islamic state” in Syria.

Sunday morning in the program “60 minutes” aired an interview with the President of the Russian Federation. Previously, CBS has posted some videos from it: Putin called “the King” unsuitable for themselves the nickname, spoke about the attractive features of the U.S. and explained the importance of supporting Assad.

In an interview with Putin, in particular, stated: “as for our, as you said, presence in Syria, it is expressed today in the supply of weapons to the Syrian government, to train personnel in the provision of humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people. There is only one legitimate army. This is the army of Syrian President Assad”.

He stressed that Russia proceeds from the Charter of the United Nations, i.e. of the fundamental principles of contemporary international law, according to which the one or other assistance, including military assistance, can and should be extremely legitimate governments of various countries, with their consent or at their request or by decision of the UN Security Council.

“In this case we deal with the request of the Syrian government to provide military-technical assistance, what we do within absolutely legal international contracts”, – said the Russian leader. “In my opinion, the provision of military support to the illegitimate structures does not meet the principles of modern international law and the UN Charter. We support only legal government structure,” he said. (Quoted by TASS.)

Putin said that Assad forces “opposed, on the interpretation of some of our international partners, the opposition”. “But actually, in life, really Assad’s army is fighting with terrorist organizations, – said Putin. – You know better than me about the hearing that was just held in the Senate of the United States, if I’m not mistaken, where military representatives from the Pentagon, reported to the senators that made by the United States for the preparation of the operational part of the opposition forces. First, the aim was to prepare 5-6 thousand soldiers, then 12 thousand. The results showed that the prepared only 60, and with arms in their hands fighting only 4 or 5 people, and everyone else just ran with us weapons in ISIL”.

The Russian President also recalled that Russia offers cooperation and the countries of the region. “We’re trying to create some kind of coordinating structure. I personally informed the Turkish President, the Jordanian King, Saudi Arabia, – Putin said. – We informed the United States of America, and (Secretary of state) John Kerry, which you mentioned, had a thorough talk on this issue with our foreign Minister, Mr Lavrov, and of our military in contact with each other discussing this topic. We will be glad, if we can find a common platform for joint action against terrorists”.

Putin explained that Russia renders military assistance to Syria under the UN Charter 27.09.2015

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