Russian President Vladimir Putin acknowledged that before the elections to the State Duma the rating of the party “United Russia” “a little decreased”. According to the President, which he expressed in an interview with Bloomberg, this is due to criticism from rival parties.

On elections Putin spoke, answering the question of the chief editor of Bloomberg John Micklethwait: does he think that it is now easier to manage Russia than before, or more complicated?

“Think harder, because for all the criticism from the first of all our Western partners have been developing the processes of internal democracy,” the President said, and then proceeded to the election, noting, “we say, in these elections, much more will be to take part of the party than in previous years.” “And this, of course, will imprint on the course and results of election campaigns”, – Putin said in an interview, the full text of which is published by the press service of the Kremlin.

“Now we look at the rating of our leading political force, the party “United Russia”, it is a bit dropped and many wonder: “what is it? What happened? What happened?” – Putin continued. “What? Began an active election campaign, and the large number of parties who now participate in the electoral process, they all come on the television, in the media, in Newspapers”, – the President answered formulated his own questions.

Criticize, but “do not say how to do better”

Noting that all parties, which decreased the rating of EP, criticize the government, Vladimir Putin stressed that “they do not say how to do better, or say things that even for a person with superficial views seem unrealistic or even impossible”. “But they are very nice on the TV screen: they swear, they blame members of the ruling party. But they don’t say if they are willing to take responsibility for the adoption of some not very popular, but needed in the long term (decisions) – continued the Russian leader (quoted by the Kremlin website).

According to the President, Russia is currently in the development stage and political systems, and the establishment of market economy principles.
“This process is complex, but very interesting”, – said Putin, acknowledging that Russia “has its own characteristics and traditions” in the political sphere was first an absolute monarchy, then almost immediately came the Communist era, “but to some extent, the governance system of the country became even more hard. The President recalled that “in 90 years we went on to build a completely different political system based on multiparty system”.

“And this is also a complex, ambiguous process, it is impossible to jump over certain stages. It is necessary that the citizens are accustomed to they feel their own responsibility when they go to the polls, not to trust just such populist decisions, considerations, or just abuse some candidates to other candidates,” – said the President. In his opinion, is necessary, “the citizens are also carefully watched, analyzed, and proposed candidates.”

Putin on elections of 2018: “I can either take part in the elections or not to accept

John Micklethwait raised the topic of the upcoming presidential elections. “In 2018 You will be the President who for the longest time remained in power. Do You have any thoughts in terms of how You pass your powers?” he wanted to know.

“I can either take part in the elections or not accept. If I don’t participate, then it will be another elected head of state, the other the President of Russia, and then the citizens decide for whom to vote,” he said in response to Putin, quoted by the Kremlin website. On a direct question whether he would participate in the presidential elections, the President said, “we stand today before the parliamentary elections. You need to pass this election, look at the result. And even after that still lie ahead of us for almost two years. Therefore to speak about it prematurely.”

We will remind, presidential elections will be held in Russia in 2018, parliamentary – 18 September 2016. According to results of pollspent “Levada-Center” 26-29 August among 1,600 people over 18 in 137 localities of the 48 regions of the Russian Federation (statorseite does not exceed 3,4%), about one third (31%) of respondents said that they would support the “United Russia”, Communist party – 10%, the liberal democratic party – 9%. Another 5% are ready to vote for the party “Fair Russia”. The media noted that the overall approval rating of “United Russia” has decreased on 8% (previously 39% approve of the activities of the party) and the President’s rating remained the same.

As reported, the United Russia party, which in the last parliamentary elections received 49% of the vote, campaigning to vote for as many as 12 quotes Putin – according to the law, the image of the party President can not be used. It also became known that the “United Russia” on the phone calls on Muscovites to vote in the state Duma.

Recently the press has evaluated the implementation of United Russia promises made before the previous elections. So, DW noted that most of the promises remained unfulfilled or were made formally.

August 30, ahead of elections, opposition leader Ilya Yashin has presented its report “Party “Criminal Russia”, dedicated to the “United Russia”. The text of the report is divided into five chapters: “Organized crime,” “Corrupt”, “Corrupt”, “Crooks”, “the Killers.”

The “United Russia” before the start of the campaign has taken steps to get rid of the label “Harsh” (“the Party of crooks and thieves”), rooted for her in the people with the filing of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny, and he founded the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK). At the end of last year, the ruling party announced the decision to introduce additional restrictions for candidates in the Duma elections – the candidates should not be a criminal record, even suppressed or removed, as well as financial assets abroad.

Recently, the candidates from “United Russia” appeared in a negative light – in the community Discerned the list of alleged plagiarists when writing the dissertation of United Russia was more, than representatives of other parties. In a list of 33 people, in the dissertations which were found incorrect borrowing, were 10 candidates from the “United Russia”, eight from “Fair Russia”, five from the Communist party, four candidates for the post of MP from the liberal democratic party, three from the “Apple”, two from “Communists of Russia”, one of Parnassus.

Putin explained the reasons for the fall of the rating of “United Russia” before the elections 05.09.2016

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