The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in interview to the American TV companies explained the importance of supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: according to the Russian leader, to resolve the Syrian crisis can only strengthen the existing legitimate government and urging them to dialogue with the healthy part of the opposition and reforms.

Putin on the eve of his trip to the UN General Assembly in new York gave an interview to the American TV channel CBS. It will be shown completely Sunday, and while CBS is placing announcements on your website. In the first fragment Putin announces that nickname, the King deems unsuitable for yourself.

Speaking of Assad, Putin replied to a question that one of the goals of Moscow to save the Syrian leadership headed by President Bashar Assad, which is defeated in a military conflict: “that’s Right, that’s right.”

Then he said deployed, Recalling that the destruction of state institutions was detrimental to Libya and Iraq: “I am deeply convinced that the actions in the other direction, aimed at the destruction of legitimate government, will create a situation that can be seen in other countries in the region or in other regions, for example in Libya, where state institutions are destroyed. We observe a similar situation, unfortunately, and Iraq” (quoted by RIA “Novosti”).

The President of Russia stressed: “there is No other way to solve the Syrian crisis, in addition to strengthening existing public institutions and assist them in the fight against terrorism. But at the same time need to motivate them to dialogue with the healthy part of the opposition and reform”.

In response to the question, as it relates to those forces in the international coalition led by the United States, which require the overthrow of Assad, the Russian President advised “to address to the people of Syria, only the Syrian people should decide who should govern their country and how.”

Monday will host a meeting of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama. Syria is expected to be one of the two main topics for discussion. The second is the crisis in Ukraine.

Putin explained to the Americans the importance of supporting Assad 25.09.2015

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