Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed condolences to President of Brazil, Temer Michele in connection with the “tragic consequences of the crash in Colombia of Brazilian passenger plane”. On Tuesday, November 29, reports the press service of the Kremlin.

“In the telegram of condolences to the Russian head of state conveyed words of sympathy and support to the families of the victims and wishes speedy recovery to the injured”, – stated in the message.

On Tuesday it became known about the crash in Colombia of the plane, which belonged to the Bolivian airline Lamia. Onboard the liner there were 81 people, including nine crew members and 72 passengers. In the Colombian city of Medellin, in particular, flying 22, the player of the Brazilian football club “Epicoene” (Chapecoense), 28 members of the club, coaches and 22 journalists accompanying the delegation. The players flew to Medellin for the final game with the Colombian team, “Atletico Nacional” as part of the Cup of South America.

The plane, which was heading from the city of Santa Cruz de La Sierra in Bolivia, crashed about 45 miles from the destination airport on Monday evening local time (Tuesday morning GMT).

The Colombian authorities reported the death of 75 people. The site O Globo writes that survived six – man midfielder “Epicoene” Alan Russel and two players of the football team Jackson Folman and Sampler Helio Neto and journalist Rafael Henzel, stewardess Jimena Suarez and a crew member Erwin Tumiri. The goalkeeper “Epicoene” Marcos Danilo Padilla was also found alive at the scene of the crash, but later died in hospital.

The plane crashed during bad weather conditions. Considered
the version that the crash could be due to lack of fuel.

The President of Brazil Michel Temer on Tuesday announced mourning for the victims
of the crash. The mourning will last three days – since the 29th of November.

Temer offered to send to Colombia four aircraft for repatriation of the bodies of the victims, reports the Agency EFE. The head of state noted that the same aircraft can be used for delivery in the Colombian city of Medellin relatives of the victims.

The President expressed condolences to the families of those killed in the crash of an airliner. “In this sad moment I Express my solidarity with dozens of Brazilian families affected by this tragedy,” said Temer (quoted by TASS).

Putin expressed condolences in connection with plane crash in Colombia 29.11.2016

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