Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, October 5, at the meeting in the Kremlin with the winners of the national contest “Teacher of year of Russia” in 2016 gave advice to students who would want to lead the country. He also asked in detail about the life and work of the winner – teacher of Russian language and literature Alexander Shagalova from Armavir, Krasnodar territory. A transcript of the meeting publishes the website of the Kremlin.

Putin asked to give advice to the future President of the country, which is now, perhaps studying in one of the Russian schools. “To learn properly. Persistently, diligently and honestly treat to the business in which he is engaged today. To what today is the main” – said the head of state, quoted by “Interfax”.

A meeting began with the teachers with a short statement from Putin. After that, the winner of the competition Alexander Shagalov “on behalf of all” greeted the President and noted that teachers are very important “to be heard today”, to hear the opinion of the head of state, to share ideas and “talk”.

Putin asked how many people are in school, where he teaches the teacher of the year, and heard in response that this school is visited by about thousands of children. Shagalov said that for him the measure of the quality of subjects taught is “when the guys want to read when they want to read books, to study the subject”. The question of Putin that he considers most important in teaching literature, the teacher said, “Literature helps us all to find the answer to the questions of who we are, what we are, why we are, where we go”.

But the meeting was not without its awkward moments. As reported by RT, Putin asked Alexander Shagalova, how much he earns, which caused severe embarrassment and nervous laughter from the best teachers of the country. “There are different (salary), depending on my merit, the merit of students. It can vary. An average of 25-30 thousand”, – said evasively Shagalov. But the President assured that he will not leave until they receive a specific answer to your question.

In the end, the teacher said that last year received 26-27-28 thousand rubles, operating at half rate. Putin noted that this is below the average earnings of teachers in the country, which last year amounted to 32.5 thousand rubles, and this year is 36 “with something”. Teacher of the year gently suggested that teacher prefer to work on a single bet and earn a good salary, to improve the quality of teaching, but continue to develop this theme did not.

Putin called on the media seriously teachers

During the meeting, President Vladimir Putin said that the state should not exert pressure on the media for the emergence of positive materials about teacher’s activities, but noted that the society must be configured on a serious attitude to the teaching profession.

“I think you will agree with me that all to wag your finger and say “don’t” is impossible in the modern world. But in General, you need to set up the society, to set media for a serious relationship to our reality, serious attitude to the areas of pedagogy, a teacher’s activity”, – said the head of state (quoted by TASS).

So Putin reacted to a comment one of the participants of the meeting, which drew attention to the fact that often on the various talk shows critical about teachers, and the state could intervene in the situation.

“We must not forget that is the basis of our existence – parenting. Attention to the teaching profession should be and material support”, – said Putin.

Putin called Lermontov dissident, recognizing, reads his poetry to escape from work

During a meeting with winners of the national contest “Teacher of year of Russia” the head of state also admittedthat it helps to distract from work and to get to another, “useful”, the world of works of classics of Russian literature Mikhail Lermontov.

“Read what you don’t like. In General, from the that love, on my Desk lies constantly Lermontov in order to think about something, distracted and generally get into another world – useful, beautiful and interesting”, – said the head of state. So he responded to a question from the participants about their favorite books.

Later the President invited the teacher of Russian from Rostov-on-don Andrey Barashevo to read the poems of Lermontov and even decided to start. Barashev embarrassed said that he, as a teacher, not enough children.

“You imagine that we are your audience. I’ll start, and you continue: “I Love the Fatherland, but a strange love…” – suggested the head of state. The teacher is not continued for the President, but invited him to his lesson, which would affirm that “the poet of the sun”, not “the poet of the moon.” “With pleasure,” he accepted the invitation of the President of the Russian Federation.

In addition, Putin said that Lermontov is a brilliant poet and, to some extent, a dissident, critical of their homeland. The President also is almost entirely quoted from the work “homeland” and stood on the poem “farewell, unwashed Russia”, stressing that the poet was a brave man, “ready to give his life for the interests of
the country and the Motherland.”

Putin jokingly suggested to study in the schools of the old Russian language

The President in the course of communication with the teachers also expressed surprise that the Russian schools are taught the Latin language, and drew attention to the possibility of learning the ancient language.

“Interesting. The first time I heard that the school taught Latin. Ancient or what to study? Dead language – Latin – teach. Sash, old going to study?” – asked the head of state the winner of the contest “teacher of the year” Alexander Shagalova.

Teacher in turn, said that for students of Latin is one the most challenging subjects. “You know, it seems to me that in school – no. For students of Philology, it was one of the most difficult subjects”, – he explained.

While Shagalov noted that Latin language can be entered as elements in the classroom. “As the elements you can enter in the classroom. Teachers sometimes introduce. This sense of language, history of language,” added the teacher.

On the meeting with Putin, no complaints on low salaries to the head of state was not followed, said the journalists. We will remind, not so long ago this sensitive issue before Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the all-Russian youth educational forum “Territory meanings on the Klyazma” lifted lecturer of the Dagestan University.

The head of the government, as in the sensational case with the Crimean pensioners, did not needlessly encouraging promises to raise salaries in the education sector even in the long term. Instead, he recommended that teachers try to make “something else”, in addition to the salary, hinting that there are many places where you can get the money faster and better than on the pedagogical field.

A hasty Council Medvedev caused an uproar and a flurry of sarcastic remarks in the Network – bloggers, in particular, remembered the numerous cases of Exodus of teachers into crime for a living. And then the Prime Minister’s speech even started to collect signatures for his resignation.

Recently shown in the program KVN team players DALS joked on the subject from the scene, imagine how the school administration and teachers could earn on the job. Part of the miniatures were shown on TV, however, as it turned out, I removed mention of Medvedev and ruled out the fragment with a naked teacher.

In August, the salaries of teachers spoke who was then the Minister of education Dmitry Livanov. He admittedthat although in recent years teachers ‘ salaries increased significantly, but “because of the rising prices experienced a serious depreciation”. Just two weeks Livanov sacked.

Putin gave advice to students wishing to become President, and the confused teacher of the year a question about salary 05.10.2016

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