Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, may 16, signed a decree that gives Federal security service (FSB) the right to withdraw land plots and objects of property for public use. The corresponding decree published on the official Internet portal of legal information. It shall enter into force from the date of signing.

The document provides for amendments to the regulations on the FSB. The Agency “takes the limits of their powers, decisions on withdrawal of land plots and (or) located on them of objects of real estate for state needs of the Russian Federation”, reports TASS with reference to the document.

In March, the President gave Federal protection service (FSO) of Russia the right to make decisions about withdrawal of land plots for state needs. The document was amended in the regulations on FSO of Russia, according to which the service received the right “to make decisions about withdrawal of land plots for state needs of the Russian Federation for construction and reconstruction of objects of Federal significance, which are necessary to exercise the powers of the FSO of Russia”. Prior to this the FSO had no right to seize land, she only had the right in perpetuity to use the land.

The decree, allowing FSO to withdraw land, the service has prepared independently. In the explanatory note to the document noted that it is necessary to ensure the safety of state protection, which is one of the main tasks of the FSO.

Example of FSO was later used and the FSB, who wrote the same decree the seizure of land, which was signed on Tuesday by Putin. In February, the Agency also received a similar right.

Russia has simplified procedure of withdrawal of land for state needs. Start the simplified procedure of seizure of land and property of the citizens gave up to the Olympics, followed by similar rules related to the APEC summit in Vladivostok, Moscow’s expansion and the construction of the Kerch bridge.

Members of the public, meanwhile, expressed fears that the seizure of private plots will occur not so much in favor of the state, but for the construction of new residences for officials in attractive locations.

Putin gave the FSB the right to take citizens ‘ land plots for state needs 16.05.2017

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