President Vladimir Putin has decided to abolish the jurisdiction of the Ministry of defense of the Federal Agency for special construction (Spetsstroy), says “Kommersant”. The occasion was the many complaints of customers and authorities to deadlines and financial discipline. In mid-October, the media reported the test, which the Agency main control management of the President. It’s not finished, but the fate of the Agency has decided already.

Sources close to the defense Ministry and the presidential administration told Kommersant about a closed meeting with the President Vladimir Putin, which took place on November 18. There was accepted the decision on liquidation of the Agency.

The main reason was the organization’s most ambitious construction projects of recent years – the cosmodrome “East”. A year ago in the report of Deputy Prime Minister for the defense industry Dmitry Rogozin to the President argued that the Agency performs work only 15-40% of the cost of the contracts, entrusting third-party actors are not only the bulk of the work, but creating the design documentation. Only on the East were more than 250 companies, many of whom had neither the necessary competences nor the equipment nor the expertise.

The Ministry of defence then began the reform of the Agency, but after a year of complaints about the builders did not become less. In October this year, the Federal Antimonopoly service found that the Federal state unitary enterprise special building engineering Ltd tore down the turnaround time on contracts totaling more than 150 billion rubles. The results of the Spetsstroy was dissatisfied with the General staff of the armed forces: according to Kommersant, in early October, on one of the departmental meetings was that the backlogs are not only 11 of the 83 military facilities, and the condition 61 is assessed as “critical”.

In addition to the claims because of the huge embezzlement during the construction of the cosmodrome “East”, Spetsstroy recalled the collapse of the barracks of the 242nd airborne training center in Omsk, which killed 24 soldiers.

In the end, defense Minister Sergei Shoigu after the meeting formulated a number of assignments for subordinates. First Deputy Ruslan Zelikova in the period up to November 25, instructed to form a joint Commission of the defense Ministry and the Federal Agency for the execution of presidential decisions. The chief of the General staff Valery Gerasimov to 1 Dec is required to prepare proposals “on the procedure of transferring to the armed forces staff number of Spetsstroy”, his Deputy Vasily Tonkoshkura – 10 December together with the legal Department to submit a draft presidential decree abolishing the Federal Agency and to confer on defence tasks for construction of special production purposes.

Putin has decided to eliminate the discredit of Spetsstroy 23.11.2016

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