Russian President Vladimir Putin during his speech at the Forum of action recognized that understands local entrepreneurs, who introduced against Russia sanctions have benefited, noting with a smile that the response in Russia will try to “pull longer”, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“Now I say unexpected, it may be criminal, in your opinion, thing but the consumer is interested in how to get good quality goods at the lower price, so we need to create competitive conditions,” – said the head of state.

When dealing with entrepreneurs, Putin added that he understands their attitude towards anti-Russian sanctions and retaliatory measures, in particular the food embargo. “I understand you and ear you whisper: we wait as long as possible”, – said the Russian President, speaking of bradenburg.

The ban on the import into Russia of certain types of products from a number of countries valid from August 2014. It was introduced in response to sanctions announced by Western countries after the annexation of Crimea to Russia.

Analysts have repeatedly noted that the government has not calculated the economic effects from sanctions. Sanctions war took place under the slogan of supporting local producers and import substitution, but the effect was lower than expected, and substantive support to domestic farmers received not from the embargo and the devaluation of the ruble, stated the experts.

For according to Western economists, agricultural retaliatory sanctions introduced by Russia have caused serious harm to European countries. Meanwhile, in Russia for two years of food embargo food prices rose by 31.6%, reported the Ministry of economic development.

Putin has promised Russian businessmen to keep the embargo “as long as possible” 22.11.2016

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