Russian President Vladimir Putin has suspended the agreement between the U.S. and Russia on plutonium disposition. The corresponding presidential decree published on 3 October on the official portal of legal information.

Document suspends the Agreement between the governments of Russia and the USA about the utilization of plutonium, declared as plutonium no longer required for defence purposes, handling and cooperation in this area, as well as protocols to this agreement.

The dual decree notes that the decision of the President of Russia made “in connection with a fundamental change of circumstances, the threats to strategic stability in the result of the hostile actions of the United States of America against the Russian Federation and the inability of the United States to fulfil obligations for the disposal of excess weapons-grade plutonium in accordance with international treaties and based on the need for urgent measures to protect the security of the Russian Federation”.

The decree also instructed to establish that plutonium under the U.S.-Russian agreement, not being used for the manufacture of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices, for research, development, design or testing related to such devices, or for any other military purposes.

Putin has suspended the agreement between the Russian Federation and the USA about plutonium disposition 03.10.2016

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