Political questions asked Russian President Vladimir Putin at the plenary session “Keeping responsibility, empowering” the eighth investment forum “VTB Capital” “Russia calls!”, related to the deterioration of Russia’s relations with the United States and Europe. The French, in collusion with Washington, “gave the anti-Russian hysteria in the controlled media,” explained the Russian President cancel his visit to Paris, and urged France not to take offense at the use of the veto the French resolution on Syria in the UN security Council.

A French journalist asked Putin about the cancellation of the visit, scheduled for October 19, and asked whether he thinks that the reaction to the French draft resolution in the UN Security Council on Syria was too harsh and it caused a reaction on the part of France.

“First, I want to say that we value our relations with France and think France is one of our priority partners in Europe is a historically and they still are, – quotes Putin’s answer to RIA “Novosti”. – As to this specific case. You know we don’t like poking around in the underwear, diplomatic, it just looks all so beautiful, sometimes so the smell is not very decent, but if we have to, we then have to say something. And I will answer you. Not that our partners need to be offended by the situation on this veto our resolution in French, it is likely we should be offended”.

According to Putin, the Russian amendments to the French draft was nothing excessive, just didn’t want all the blame for the situation in the country relied only on official Damascus.

The President explained that the foreign Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault, is arriving in Russia with the French draft resolution, received a reply from Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that Moscow will not vote against the document if it will take into account the Russian proposal.

Putin said that the Russian proposal, which outlined foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was about support of the proposal of the special envoy of the UN Secretary General of Stephan de Mistura on the withdrawal of the rebels from Aleppo. Also Russia was not satisfied that all the blame in what is happening in the draft resolution, were assigned to Damascus.

“It was positively received by the French side, – said Putin. And we waited for further constructive joint work with France and with other members of the Security Council”.

“To serve foreign policy and even domestic policy interests of the United States – is the role of those countries that want to be great powers?” – asked the Russian President.

That French side changed their stance regarding the future of Putin’s visit to Paris after Russia imposed a veto on France introduced a resolution in the Security Council of the UN demand to stop bombing of Aleppo and a military aircraft fly over the city, on the eve told the newspaper Le Monde. A French diplomat in conversation with Financial Times called another reason: supposedly in France found unacceptable the participation of Hollande in the opening of the Russian cultural centre in Paris.

Putin admitted that he from the USA “then right, then left ear whisper” “You don’t pay attention to it, now it’ll all be over”

Answering the question about the deterioration of relations with the United States, the Russian President said, “We are also concerned about the deterioration of Russian-American relations. It is not our choice, but we never sought, on the contrary, we want to have friendly relations with such a vast and great country with a leading economy in the world, as the American economy,” Putin said (quoted by “Interfax”).

Vladimir Putin said that Russia was forced to protect the Russian speaking population in the Donbass and to respond to the desire of people living in Crimea to rejoin the Russian Federation. Responsible for the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements, he once again put on Ukraine.

The President noted that with the current US administration is “very difficult to engage in dialogue, it is virtually no.” The US administration, he said, articulates what she needs, and then insists that it was fulfilled.

“But it’s not a dialogue, it is a dictatorship of some kind, and so almost every issue. We are ready for dialogue, but the dialogue is a compromise. You need to normalize the situation? To behave as partners and to consider the interests of each other. We are ready,” Putin said (quoted by TASS).

CNBS journalist asked the question whether the Russian President to work with
Hillary Clinton in the event of her victory. “The American people will make that
the choice of what will fit. And in any case we will work
with any leader of the United States, whoever this leader, who would
neither was the President, of course, if the head of the United States
want to work with our country”.

“Once, ten years ago, Russia did not thought and said about Russia and say nothing, because it’s such a minor regional power, and not at all interesting. Now the number one issue in the election campaign is about her talking. This, of course, very nice, but only partly because all the participants of this campaign abuse anti-Russian rhetoric and poison our relations between States, and it’s bad for our countries and for the international community”, – said Vladimir Putin (hereinafter citations to the videos posted on the channel TASS in YouTube).

“Let’s not forget that in global terms we have a great responsibility as the two largest nuclear powers for maintaining peace and security,” he added.

Putin claims that Russian diplomats informally asked to wait the end of the campaign, when anti-Russian rhetoric will end. “We usually try not to talk about this, but we always whisper, in all election campaigns, it is not only happening now, it’s in the previous campaign. We then left, then right ear whisper: you don’t pay attention to it, now it all will pass and again we will be friends”. “But it is impossible, – Putin continued. – Not as a bargaining chip in the political struggle and to use Russia and damage relations. It’s just at least not serious.”

“About the fact that Russia puts pressure on other countries. Who is telling us about it?” – Putin asked, rounding the eyes and expressive circling their room, who immediately applauded.

About hacker attacks to servers of the Democratic party: “it Is not important who did this?”

Vladimir Putin commented on the accusations against the Kremlin of involvement in the hacking of servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party of the United States in July of this year.

“Some hackers catapulted information about how the improper behavior of the staff of Mrs. Clinton during the election campaign: supports one internal party candidate to the detriment of another. Became hysterical about the fact that it is in the interests of Russia. Nothing there is no in the interests of Russia! But the hysteria invoked only in order to distract the American people from the fact that were uploaded by the hackers, but the essence of the manipulation of public opinion,” Putin outlined his view on the issue.

“For some reason nobody talks about it. Everyone is talking about who did it. Is it so important who did it? It is important that within this information”, – concluded Putin.

Today the US charges about the involvement of the Russian Federation to hacker attacks, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov: he called them “flattering”, but unproven.

At the same forum “Russia calling!” Vladimir Putin made a number of economic statements, in particular, saidthat the draft budget for 2017 was able to balance with a 3% shortage: “This is an acceptable level, even against the backdrop of the world’s leading economies”.

Putin has urged France not to be offended for a veto on a resolution on Syria: “It is likely we should be offended” 12.10.2016

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