The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on may 16 had a closed and secret meeting with chief editors of several publications and listened to their appeal, stipulating not to disclose the content of the conversation. This was the chief editor of “Novaya Gazeta” Dmitry Muratov said on air of transfer “Sobchak”, released on the TV channel “Rain” on may 17.

“Terms and conditions” for participation in the meeting suggested that its contents will not be recorded and disclosed, said Muratov.

He said just about what was discussed at the meeting himself. In particular, he touched upon the problem that “many people were deprived of citizenship in February 1992, when it was adopted the law on citizenship”.

Chief editor of the newspaper, in his words, mentioned at the meeting, pouring green paint opposition leader Alexei Navalny. “I talked about the need to stop street violence – enough to throw people in the urine, faeces, to burn out his eyes with green paint”, – quotes Muratova website “Rain”. Chief editor of “Novaya Gazeta” noted that Putin received a “meaningful response to the instructions”.

“I was invited. I am a professional journalist, editor of the newspaper. I wonder if I can meet and hear firsthand what the President thinks? Of course, interesting,” summed up Muratov.

Who else participated in the meeting, is unknown, because none of the other editors did not out her.

Dmitry Muratov said that it is important to understand the picture of the world Vladimir Putin: “the President is not getting a “Temnik”. It is my sincere desire to understand what picture of the world in the mind of the President, elected by the majority of voters, and who maybe will go for the next elections.”

Muratov said that he had not asked the President about the threats received at the address of “Novaya Gazeta” after the publication of the investigation of mass detentions, torture and killings of people based on sexual orientation in Chechnya.

Editor-in-chief has avoided answering the question whether it was possible to intimidate the editors. “We defended people who were abused but did not commit any crimes. They can somehow relate, but these people have inalienable natural rights, we protect them,” explained Murat.

In the broadcast of the same program Muratov gave Ksenia Sobchak envelope with the name of a “businessman with a world name”, which is sponsoring the “Novaya Gazeta”. The name of the program was not named, as the financial partner does not want the newspaper to protect its commercial interest. However, Muratov said that Sobchak knows this person and can learn.

“The newspaper itself contains, – said Muratov. – I can tell you that we have a profitable print version and gives us quite a lot of the Internet. This is not my expertise, but the paper enough money for many, but not all. So we have a person who helps us”.

Putin held a secret meeting with chief editors of Russian publications 19.05.2017

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