The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, describing the power of the Russian army used the term “conditional partners” – so he called the country who are concerned about the increasing number of military exercises and inspections in Russia.

On Saturday, the President is in Yaroslavl. There will be a meeting of the Presidium of the state Council, and in the first half of the day Putin visited the plant “Autodiesel”, where he talked with his employees. He assured that the Russian army “threatens no one” – “I want to stress that all heard, not just those sitting here”.

Then he said: “It (the army) ready for combat, she has become a modern and highly efficient. Significantly increased the number of training exercises, including unannounced inspections, from time to time why bother our partners, let’s call them so. When they carry out any exercises, we are not worried, and for some reason they just start to get nervous, nervous.” (Quoted by TASS.)

“I repeat, this is important, we do not threaten anyone, no one is going to threaten. Yes tell us why? We have the biggest in the world, I said, everybody knows, and we need to ensure the security of their own country, their own people. Our army to make it able that we will continue to develop,” – said the President.

Plant workers, he recalled that Russia continues to be implemented development program of the army, which “needs to be compact but very efficient.” In this regard will be laid on the “optimization of the number there without any layoffs,” he promised Putin.

According to him, special attention will further be given of these components of the armed forces, as Informatization, intelligence is intelligence, and technical, communications systems, modern high-precision and high-tech weaponry.

Putin in a conversation about the power of the Russian army, told about our “conditional partners” 12.11.2016

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