Russian President Vladimir Putin, in comments published on the website of the Italian newspaper La Stampa, called to trust Russia, building a common front against terrorism. RIA “Novosti” draws attention to the fact that the article consists of extracts their October “Valdai speech” Putin: for example, the part of the article refutes the possibility of Russian influence on the presidential elections in the United States that have already passed.

Article signed by Putin is called “the Time to trust Russia, a common front against terror.” Putin is in it talks about the problems of the United States, which he calls “great power”, explaining the attitude to Russia hysteria and the dominance of myths.

He also points out that many international organizations are unable to adapt to modern challenges – for example, NATO or the OSCE. On the contrary, the UN security Council in which Russia has veto power, he calls for extensive international cooperation.

The article also once again voiced during the forum in Sochi, the thesis that “Russia is to attack anyone not going to.” “In Europe alone, there are 300 million, all NATO members, to a population of 600 million people, probably, in Russia – 146 million. Well it is simply ridiculous to talk about it,” explained the President.

Putin said that Moscow is not concerned with global domination, nor the expansion, and in favor of equal and indivisible security for all. “True leadership today is not to invent ephemeral threats and capitalizing on them to try to subjugate the others, and to see the real problems, to help unite the efforts of States in addressing them… and that is what Russia understands their role in world Affairs,” concluded the President of Russia.

NATO reinforces defenses in the countries located along the border with Russia, amid growing concerns over the strengthening of the military potential of Moscow. The decision to deploy an additional four battalions of NATO in Eastern Europe and the Baltic States (Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) was adopted at the NATO summit on 8 July 2016, in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Putin in an article for La Stampa urged “trust Russia” 27.11.2016

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