Russian President Vladimir Putin will celebrate his birthday on 7 October, “a whole string of telephone conversations” and the operational meeting with members of the security Council of Russia, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

Most often, the President celebrates birthday “with family and friends”, and sometimes with their colleagues, said Peskov channel “Rain”. “I can say that for the next day planned a whole string of telephone conversations. Will get congratulations, these conversations are already planned,” – said the spokesman.

In the middle of the day, the President should pass an operational meeting with permanent members of security Council of Russia.

October 7, Putin will be 65 years. In most cases, the head of state spent his day at work, and in 2014, for the first time in 16 years spent in senior government posts, took off and flew away into the forest. In 2013, birthday found the President of the Russian Federation in Bali for the APEC summit. When Putin came this morning in a conference hall, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono picked up a guitar and began to sing Happy Birthday to You.

In addition, on your 61st birthday, Putin received a gift graffiti in six European capitals. On the walls of houses in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid and London 7 Oct 2013 was created by greeting drawings Putin. Called this action “Peacemaker”, and it emphasized the special mission of Russian President Putin in resolving the Syrian conflict.

Now, after the annexation of Crimea to Russia and the conflict with Ukraine in connection with military operations in the Donbass, Putin in Europe is no longer called a peacemaker.

But in one of the restaurants in Washington promise to bake in honor of the birthday of the President of Russia pizza Hot Like Putin (“Sharp as Putin”), reported October 5, TASS with reference to the Manager of the pizzeria Ledo Pizza, Tariq Diab. “I know that Putin is a very charismatic leader. We decided to congratulate his birthday, he cooked a pizza named in his honor,” said Diab. This will be the first pizza with pickles cooked in a Ledo Pizza.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny has called “the gift” at the current Putin’s birthday his administrative detention for 20 days, under which it was sent due to calls to participate in uncoordinated action. After the announcement of the judicial decision of October 2, Navalny said: “Your honor, I will not take with him to a beautiful future of Russia. If before me for the unauthorized rallies were arrested, now I’m fully legal rally would be arrested. Perhaps this is a gift for Putin’s anniversary,” – quoted him “Rain”.

Putin, in his 65 th birthday planning a lot of talking on the phone, and in Washington in his honor bake pizza 06.10.2017

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