Russian President Vladimir Putin, speaking with his 13-th Message to the Federal Assembly, called on civil society and cultural workers to mutual responsibility.

“If someone believes themselves more advanced, more intelligent, respectful to other people. I consider it unacceptable counter-aggressive reaction. Tomorrow at the meeting of the Council for culture will discuss the issues that caused debate in society. In culture, politics, media, the debate on the economy, no one can deny openly Express their position,” – said the President.

“When we talk about solidarity and unity, referring to a conscious, natural consolidation of citizens for the sake of successful development of Russia”, – said Putin.

“Is it possible to achieve significant strategic objectives in a fragmented society? Is it possible to solve these problems with Parliament where instead of productive work the contest going ambitions and fruitless bickering? Is it possible to adequately develop on a shaky ground of weak state and can be controlled from the outside weak-willed government that has lost the trust of its citizens? The answer is obvious: of course not,” said the Russian leader.

Putin, in his Message urged cultural workers to show restraint in disputes: a counter-aggressive response is unacceptable 01.12.2016

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