The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his 13th annual address to the Federal Assembly of the individual passage devoted to the enumeration of attacks on Russia from the outside in recent years. Although a large part of the President’s address to Parliament this year, concerning the internal policy and economy, towards the end of the speech, the Russian leader still touched upon an external enemy, but without naming anyone specifically. However, the Russian President described as a country focused on friendship, defending their independence and ready to response in case of infringement of their interests.

Putin said that in recent years, “we are faced with attempts of external pressure”, reports the press service of the President of the Russian Federation. “The course was put everything from myths about Russian aggression, propaganda, interference in foreign elections to the persecution of our athletes, including Paralympic athletes,” – said the head of state.

According to Putin, “custom information campaigns, the invention and the stuffing of compromising materials, didactic teaching all already rather tired”. “If necessary, we do anyone can teach,” warned the President of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, Putin assured that Russia is ready “to participate in solving global and regional problems” and does not want confrontation with anyone. The President noted that the Russian side needs friends and is not looking for enemies, “unlike some foreign colleagues who see Russia as the enemy.” “But we will not tolerate infringement of their interests, neglect them. We all want and will to decide their own destiny, to build the present and the future without other people’s tips and unsolicited advice,” added the Russian President.

Putin said that the Russian side is “friendly, equal dialogue, upholding the principles of justice and mutual respect in international Affairs”. “Ready for a serious conversation about building a sustainable system of international relations of the XXI century. Unfortunately, in this respect, the decades since the end of the cold war, in vain,” – said the head of state.

In conclusion of this part of the speech, Putin outlined the traits of a foreign enemy, which Russia, in his words, committed itself to oppose, but never called him. “We are for safety and not for the elite, but for all countries and peoples, respect for international law and the diversity of the world. Against any monopoly, whether it claims to exclusivity or about trying to build itself under international trade rules to limit the freedom of speech, in fact, impose censorship in the global information space. We are all the time criticized that country’s alleged censorship imposed, and now do an exercise in this direction”, – said the President of the Russian Federation, without specifying from whom came the accusations.

Putin addressed a Message to the Federal Assembly on 1 December in the St. George hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace. The President’s speech lasted just over an hour, which is the average length of the annual address to the parliamentarians. The President’s speech repeatedly interrupted by applause of the hall. The ceremony was covered by more than 600 journalists.

Putin in the Message to the Federal Assembly of the listed types of attacks on Russia from the outside 01.12.2016

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