Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed to enter in the Syrian city of Aleppo humanitarian pause 4 Nov. The corresponding decree the head of state gave defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

“To avoid senseless victims, defense Minister of the Russian Federation army General Sergei Shoigu on behalf of the Supreme commander of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin decided to introduce in Aleppo, November 4, from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m. “humanitarian pause”, – stated in the message of the defense Ministry, arrived in RBC.

The Ministry said that all attempts to break the militants in the city of Aleppo did not succeed – the terrorists have suffered great losses and the possibility to escape from the city they have.

“In light of the failure of our American colleagues to separate the opposition from the terrorists speak directly to all leaders of armed formations (with a call) to cease hostilities and to withdraw from Aleppo with his arms. To do this, open two corridors, which will be available to all government forces and equipment,” – said the defense Ministry.

They also added that all previously prepared in Aleppo the Russian Centre of reconciliation humanitarian corridors will work for the release of civilians and militants.

Humanitarian pause in Aleppo operated from 20 to 22 October. To exit the city organized eight humanitarian corridors: six civilians and two militants. However, the terrorists refused to leave the city. According to the Russian military, the militants fired at humanitarian corridors and prevent the emergence of a city of civilians.

On 23 October, Syrian government forces resumed the offensive in the South of Aleppo, managing to establish control of important heights and objects. According to various estimates, in the Eastern parts of the city are about seven thousand of terrorists representing various gangs.

Meanwhile, Moscow continues formally to respect the ceasefire. The General staff of the armed forces, on 28 October, addressed to Putin asking to resume air strikes against militants in Eastern Aleppo, noting that the Syrian opposition, taking advantage of the lull, went on the offensive. However, Putin decided the resumption of air strikes impractical.

31 Oct newspaper the Times, citing intelligence reportedthat Russia is preparing full-scale military offensive on Aleppo, planning to use the political lull in the United States, which will occur there at the time of the presidential election. According to the newspaper, the operation will begin this week and, according to Russian plans, should be completed by mid-January 2017.

A new Russian offensive aims or terminate any resistance, regardless of collateral damage, either to create such a terrible situation that the civilian population forced the rebels to leave, the newspaper writes, referring to intelligence analysis.

“We believe that the Russian are about to begin large-scale military offensive on Aleppo. It can have significant humanitarian consequences,” said a source.

In recent weeks, repeatedly sounded the assumption that Russia is preparing a massive operation to capture Aleppo. People in the West believe that it involves the aircraft carrier group led by the cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which is October 15, moved to the Mediterranean area.

In particular, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg expressed concernthat the fleet can be used “as a platform for air strikes on Syria.”

Before sources The Sunday Times reported that the ship’s band of the Russian Federation joined three Russian submarines, equipped with cruise missiles “Caliber”. According to the newspaper, the military chiefs of NATO fear that they can strike at targets in Syria.

Putin instructed to enter a new humanitarian pause in Aleppo on 4 November 02.11.2016

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