The Russian President Vladimir Putin landed in Crimea and took part in the launch of the first line of the power bridge the Kuban, Crimea. The start was given from the office of the company “Krymenergo” in Simferopol, reports “Crimea inform”. Megawatts, which will give an energy bridge from the Krasnodar region, can be distributed throughout the Crimea. Infrastructure on the Peninsula is ready for this, said the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

Having arrived in Crimea, Putin promptly instructed to increase generation of electricity in the Crimea with the launch of the energy bridge. He also promised that in 2017 will begin gas supplies from the Caucasus to the Peninsula.

Earlier, the Senator from Crimea Olga Cowicide said first power bridge from the Krasnodar region in the Crimea was supposed to enter from 10 to 15 December, the commissioning of the second phase is expected by April, reports “Interfax”.

Information about the launch of the energy bridge in test mode previously confirmed and Director of energy development Fund Sergey Pikin. “The first circuit placed under tension, and is already carried out test operation of equipment. Now there is a fixed voltage of 100 MW in the next few days it will be doubled”, – quotes its words Agency Flash Crimea. The first phase of the power bridge includes two power cables, each of whom will receive 200 MW of electricity, said Pikin.

The Crimea was on the verge of ecological disaster, a naval blockade and the shortage of medicines

Confirmed this information and the Chairman of the Commission on ecology and the environment of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Sergey Chernin, reports TASS. “The Ministry of energy and energy now work 25 hours a day. I also heard today that the voltage supplied to the first part of the first line. That is about 100 MW. In the near future will be launched for 200 MW,” he said.

During the visit on December 29, Minister of energy Alexander Novak called for a single dispatching service of “Krymenergo”, which manages the entire power system of the Peninsula. According to him, the first phase of the project launched this year, will partly solve the energy problems of the Crimea, and completely independent Peninsula will be after the commissioning of the second stage.

During the visit of head the Ministry of energy in the Crimea the chief Manager of “Krymenergo” Andrey Anokhin has told about how worked the power system on the night of 22 November, when, after the bombings of power lines in Ukraine were simultaneously deactivated all four lines, on which there was electricity to the Peninsula. “One hundred years of the Crimean energy system that was the first time the system was up completely from scratch, synchronize a large number of stations and introduced a fully isolated mode of operation”, – he explained.

“Now run parallel Simferopol, Sevastopol, Reed – Burunskaya and Saki CHP, as well as three sites mgtes (mobile gas-turbine power plant). Total load now 418 MW, of which CHP – 148 MW, mgtes are 231 MW, wind power plants 29 MW, solar – 10 MW”, – reported Anokhin. In addition, the enterprise “Titan” produces 2 MW, which can partially provide power to the city of Armyansk.

According to data of the Ukrainian mass media, cabling the power bridge deals with Chinese company Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group and ship-to-a cable-handling vessel JIAN JI 3001. That five billion contract for the laying of the cable went to the Chinese, and wrote “Kommersant”. However, the newspaper was called another company-the winner – Jiangsu Hengtong. The Ukrainian side believes that going to the Crimean port of Kerch in October, the ship violated international sanctions. “Ukrainian Pravda” reported about initiation of legal proceedings in connection with the “violation of order of entry in the temporarily occupied territory”.

At the same time with information about the start of the power bridge in a press there were messages that the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that from December 3 to impose the death penalty for non-execution of orders. “Going straight from the hall to send for not complying with orders, perhaps for good”, – quotes its words Agency Flash Crimea. The head of the Crimea said that from the next day on the Peninsula begin “a public execution for failure to perform assignments”. Emergency situation in Crimea, according to Aksenov, is no excuse for the officials.

In Crimea, the electricity supply was interrupted on the night of 22 November. Then Ukrainian activists blew up two transmission lines in the Kherson region. A few hours after the blackout, the authorities of the Republic introduced a state of emergency. Currently, the power system of the Crimea is the Autonomous mode, however, internal reserves allow only half of the needs of the Peninsula. The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov urged to prepare for worst case scenario: the state of emergency can last for almost a month, until the delivery of the first phase of the power bridge from the Krasnodar region.

Previously Aksenov said: “I always expect the worst and make plans that no supplies from Ukraine will be gone. If you come to their senses and realize that they are committing injustices against the people of Crimea, thank God. Will not come, then, endure without them. These difficulties only strengthen”.

Putin launched the first string of the power bridge in the Crimea are de-energized 03.12.2015

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