Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with his wife
the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Tuesday, November 22,
visited the temple of Christ the Savior and congratulated the Patriarch of Moscow and
Patriarch Kirill with the 70th anniversary and presented him their gifts,
reports TASS.

“Happy anniversary, good health to you and success in serving the entire congregation
your and the entire Russian people”, – Putin said. In response, the Patriarch
thanked the President for congratulations and for the fact that he visited the temple
Of Christ The Savior.

Putin presented him a gift – a picture “the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius
Laurel” made from 3570 amber elements in the technique of carpet
mosaic, the author of the work is the Kaliningrad artist Igor Isaev. Panels in
one-off and made-to-order: when
the manufacturer used the Baltic amber-succinite, age
of which more than 40 million years. In the manufacture of pictures left
about six pounds-three pounds layered

Igor Isaev is a native of Kaliningrad, in 1981, graduated from the Minsk faculty
industrial aesthetics and design of the Belarusian state
theatre and art Institute. In 1983-1985 he worked
the chief of group of technical aesthetics, the Minsk automobile
factory. In 1988 he went to work in the Kaliningrad Department
The art Fund of the RSFSR. In 1996, the Institute of world literature
Russian Academy of Sciences Isaev included in the register of outstanding
illustrators whose work will be reflected in
academic basic of history of Russian culture of the XX century. 1998
year Igor Isaev – member of the Union of artists of Russia. In 2006, he received
international scholarship of the House of Lucas (Germany).

The artist’s works are in the collections of the Kaliningrad art
gallery, Gallery Guild of artists (Ellingen, Germany), private
collections, reported on the website
Kaliningrad amber Museum.

From Kirill Medvedev went to “Area of Zagorsk”

HHS came as the head of the government of the Russian Federation with his wife. Dmitry and
Svetlana Medvedev congratulated Patriarch, after which the wife of the Prime Minister
handed him a white festive bouquet. As a gift to the birthday boy was also
transferred landscape artist Nikolai Barchenkov “Area of Zagorsk”.

Nikolai Barchenkov, now deceased, people’s artist of the RSFSR. It
wrote a large number of paintings, which are in Russian and
foreign museums, galleries and private collections. He was born in
1918 in Sergiev Posad, in the family of hereditary
artisans-live, very early became interested in drawing. Later, he received
a severe injury of the right hand, over the year learned to work with his left hand and
he entered the Moscow regional art pedagogical College
memory of the uprising in 1905, which he successfully graduated in 1939.

After graduation he worked as a copyist in the Museum of the revolution (now
The state Central Museum of contemporary history of Russia). Nicholas
Barchenkov was behind the formation of the Partnership Zagorski
artists, now of the Union of artists of Sergiev Posad. The main genre in
his work was the landscape, primarily the kinds of Zagorsk.

Lukashenko in Minsk brought a white rose and a picture of a young Belarusian artist

As reported by “Interfax”,
later in the temple to congratulate the Patriarch, came to the President
Of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on Tuesday he is in Moscow on
working visit for talks with the President of Russia.

“I want to congratulate you not only from myself but also from all Belarusian
people,” – said Lukashenko. He wished him “health and strength”
and handed him the bouquet of white roses Minsk. Gift Lukashenko brought
a picture of a young Belarusian artist Anton Vyrva where
depicts St. Nicholas garrison Cathedral in Brest. This temple was built in the late XIX century as a reduced
a copy of the Constantinople Church of Hagia Sophia.

The Belarusian landscape painter Anton
was born in 1985 in the city of Krichev. In 2011
graduated from the Belarusian state Academy of arts (easel
painting) in Minsk, and in 2012 – the magistracy of the Belarus
state Academy of arts. Since 2012 – member of the Union
artists. As stated on the website
the artist, his works are in this Museum. P. V.
Maslennikova (Mogilev), Orsha art gallery and private collections
Mogilev, Minsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(USA) and Melbourne (Australia).

70 years to the Patriarch celebrated on Sunday, November 20. To congratulate him
arrived in Moscow the heads and representatives of Orthodox churches. The other day
in the capital opened a photo exhibition dedicated to his work and the history of the Russian Orthodox Church in the XX century.

Before the celebrations, Patriarch Kirill asked the abbots of Moscow
churches not to give him flowers for a birthday, and donate the money
Moscow Church of the hospital of St. Alexis.

Putin, Medvedev and Lukashenko has congratulated with the 70th anniversary of Patriarch Kirill in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior 22.11.2016

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