The former head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin last week met with Russian President Vladimir Putin, to discuss his future place of work, have found out mass-media. Earlier, the former head of the state-owned company announcedthat it plans to create an international expert-analytical center, which will focus on “solutions and specific proposals to reduce tensions in the world.”

About Putin’s meeting with Yakunin ‘s”Kommersant” said a source close to the presidential administration. Information was confirmed by Deputy press Secretary to the President Yuriy Sviridov. The official representative of the Yakunin also said that the former President of Russian Railways met with the President.

As it became known “Kommersant”, the meeting of the President and the former head of state discussed the work of the independent international non-governmental organizations that analyze conflicts between countries. The interlocutor of the edition reported that Yakunin told Putin on their scientific and expert activities in the field of reducing tension in the world. In particular, the former head of the Railways shared their ideas and expert research on the prevention of escalation of disputes between States in a full-scale conflict.

Previously Yakunin said that creates expert-analytical center, which will prepare proposals for reduction of tension in the world. The new project will overlap with the “Dialogue of civilizations” (world public forum. – Approx., which was founded and is headed by the former head of the Russian Railways, and other public projects, as he is also, “if you look globally”, is “peace”. The center is scheduled to open by mid-2016, expert work is already underway. Yakunin on January 29, plans to speak at international scientific conference “problems of stability of the political systems of the modern world” in St. Petersburg with the lecture entitled “Stability of modern political systems in a global crisis”, says “Kommersant”.

Political analysts interviewed by the publication, consider the need for a structure that is developing scenarios to prevent international conflicts, there is. “A key area of work of Vladimir Putin now will be the formation of a new architecture of international relations, said political scientist Gregory Left. – Now in Russia there is no think tank (the analytical center. – Approx., which would deal with international issues, the request for its creation exist.” According to the expert, Yakunin’s role in the political system, if he will lead the think tank, will be greater than if he had received some kind of formal position.

Political scientist Mikhail Vinogradov also recognized that the lack of analytical centers, specializing in world politics, in Russia exists. The source did not rule out that the work of the future center Yakunin will be demanded by the authorities, “if this new structure will not publish reports with clear conclusions in advance”.

Yakunin had resigned as head of the Russian Railways in August 2015. Putin, commenting on the event, stated that it was the choice of the her. But a Federal official on condition of anonymity, told the newspaper Vedomosti” that the reason for the departure Yakunin as head of Russian Railways allegedly was his position on subsidies for companies: on the eve of resignation, he refused to reduce the costs of the company. The TV channel “Rain” with reference to sources close to the ex-head of Russian Railways, claimedthat the decision to dismiss her was made after his son Andrew applied for British citizenship.

Before Yakunin had resigned as head of the state company, he was asked to submit the Kaliningrad region in the Federation Council. Journalists questioned the presence of Yakunin legitimate reason to become a Senator. Shortly thereafter, the former head of the state monopoly has asked the elected Governor of Kaliningrad region Nikolay Tsukanov does not appoint his representative the region in the Federation Council.

Putin met with Yakunin and discussed the future of former head of Ministry of Railways, journalists found out 18.01.2016

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