President Vladimir Putin signed a decree approved the terms of reference of the Federal service of national guard troops of the Russian Federation” (Regardie). According to the document signed on 30 September and published on the portal of legal information October 4, a new power structure had about a hundred of authority, and among other things will participate in the activities of information warfare”, and also will organize carrying out of compulsory dactyloscopic registration in Russia.

What is meant by “information confrontation”, the decree is not explained. Last summer the security Council of the Russian Federation published the draft of a new Doctrine of information security of the Russian Federation, which are going to take until the end of the year. According to the document, the main threat to the Russian authorities to consider the use of modern technology to destabilize the political and social situation in the country.

As for fingerprinting, according to the Russian law, this procedure is carried out with respect to all individuals on the negative reasons to the police. Also in an order will dactyloscopic all who serve in the security forces, private security companies and risking his life. In the same list, civil pilots, sailors, rivermen, fire.

In addition, Putin’s decree from December 2014 in Russia was introduced compulsory fingerprinting of foreign citizens and individuals without citizenship for visas to enter Russia or transit visa to transit through Russian territory. The Russian foreign Ministry explained that “the main purpose of innovation is to improve the security of visas issued in the context of combating illegal migration, terrorist and other illegal activities.”

Meanwhile, last autumn the state Duma of the previous convocation proposed to remove fingerprints from all citizens of the Russian Federation. Also in the draft document, drawn up by the members of Duma Committee for security and combating corruption, it was proposed to expand outlined by the law “On state fingerprinting registration in the Russian Federation” the circle of persons required to be fingerprinted.

In this list suggested to add drivers in obtaining the rights, as well as a person receiving a passport and a gun licence and those who consists on the account in a psychoneurological or narcological dispensaries. The initiative was motivated by the need to “ensure the safety of individuals, society and the state”.

Putin puzzled Resguardo “information confrontation” and fingerprinting 04.10.2016

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